T20 Cricket gives Nine a win

My Kitchen Rules lifted its audience on Wednesday night as Adelaide’s “Princess” was forced to prove her cooking skills. The show nudged over the 1.5m mark, which is impressive given the show has just started.

But it was Nine’s coverage of the T20 cricket that helped it win the night by a solid margin.

Nine’s share was 35.5% to Seven’s 28.6%, with TEN on 19.1%. The Cricket averaged 1.46m viewers in Preliminary results, but ran overtime into an Excess Baggage replay. Unfortunately, the 974,000 the latter supposedly nabbed will need to be adjusted.

Without Excess Baggage in the same timeslot, The Biggest Loser managed 757,000, which is only slightly above that it pulled on Tuesday when EB was going head to head. Talkin’ ‘Bout Your Generation returned with 678,000 viewers. The Good Wife was 590,000.

ABC News was 862,000 and Qi was 544,000. Outnumbered pulled 423,000.

From Sydney to Tokyo By Any Means was 204,000 for SBS ONE.

In morning TV Sunrise was 366,000 to Today 355,000 but Nine won Sydney and Melbourne.

Wednesday 1 February 2012


  1. I’m with Michael, channel 9 is a joke both with the quality of their broadcast and the quality in their commentary box, Fox Sports craps all over them in every way.

  2. @Michael – Do you seriously think that Foxtel have good cricket commentators? They put me to sleep….. I have grown up with the 9 commentators and its just not cricket without them.
    Would be nice to see the games in HD tho…. i do agree with u there….. Hopefully once the analog signal is turned off that will happen.

  3. That’s a big number for MKR considering the cricket was on. With the lower numbers for Masterchef last year I’m surprised this is rating so well.

    Looks like being another big winner for Seven and a good start to the new year.

  4. I agree with John – Outnumbered is hilarious, especially the children.
    Is it really the end of the current series?
    I’m enjoying MKR – far better than Masterchef.
    I think too it’s a safe bet that Excess Baggage will soon be shifted over to GEM or GO.

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