Tim Ferguson opens up about Multiple Sclerosis

Former Doug Anthony All-Stars member and host of Don’t Forget Your Toothbrush host Tim Ferguson will talk about his battle with Multiple Sclerosis in a show for the Melbourne Comedy Festival.

Ferguson has battled MS for much of his adult life, but only spoke about it in public for the first time on GNW in 2010.

“It’s not for wimps,” he said. “You can laugh, or you can cry. Laughing takes fewer tissues.”

“This is the first time I’ve sat on stage and talked about my real self as distinct from my character self,” he tells The Australian.

In recent years Ferguson, who is one of the nice guys in the biz, has focussed on writing, plus some hosting work.

“I just had all these wacky symptoms – the left side of my body went to sleep – but I’m a man and I stuck my head in the sand,” he said.

His show Carry a Big Stick will be staged at the Melbourne Town Hall from April 10.

He warns audiences to “Be mildly nervous. Be very mildly nervous.”


  1. I’ve dealt professionally with Tim a number of times over the years and to describe him as “one of the nice guys if the biz” is an understatement of massive proportions.

    Friendly, generous, patient and (quite famously) funny, Tim is a pure delight.

    I’m sure his whole outlook on life will be positively reflected in how he plays the hand he’s been dealt.

  2. As a person with MS, and also having a mum who has had MS for almost 31 years, I fully understand what Tim talks about.

    I had the symptoms and ignored it too until my mum begged me to get it checked out.

    I wish him all the very best, as it’s an insipid, horrible disease, particularly for men, whose muscles waste quicker and progress quicker with the disease than women (it’s a fact, not a blithe statement).

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