2.67m watch Jennifer & Leigh win My Kitchen Rules

Ratings: Seven slams the competition on Tuesday -but it is already claiming the real numbers were higher still.

An audience of 2.67m viewers watched the moment when Jennifer & Leigh won My Kitchen Rules.

“The Winner Announced” was easily the top rating for the night, following an average of 2.18m watching the bulk of the Reality finale.

However, Seven is already claiming that the Preliminary figures do not reflect the overrun by the show, and says 2.81m watched the closing moments. Official figures are yet to be adjusted by OzTAM -and it will probably be adjusted a second time after Timeshifted figures are in.

Seven stormed the night with a whopping 42.3% share, more than double the rest of the pack. TEN managed second place, with Nine in third spot for the second time this week.

Feelgood chat show Pictures of You had a strong debut on 1.64m viewers while Seven News (1.2m), Today Tonight (1.09m) and Home and Away (1.04m) all won their slots.

The Biggest Loser (872,000) again led the way for TEN followed by TEN News (706,000), NCIS (646,000 / 561,000), Bondi Vet (569,000) and The Project (455,000).

Nine News (1.03m) was followed by A Current Affair (941,000), The Big Bang Theory (768,000 / 663,000), Hot Seat (531,000). Against MKR, Two Broke Girls reruns dropped to 515,000 / 412,000 and Two and a Half Men was 286,000. A brand new Top Gear was a paltry 271,000.

ABC News was 1.00m for ABC1 with 7:30 on 616,000. It wasn’t the best night to launch Country Town Rescue with 582,000 viewers (the show is repeated at 6pm Sunday night). A Miss Marple replay curiously scheduled on a Tuesday night was 526,000.

Despite the competition, SBS did very well with its new series of Who Do You Think You Are? pulling 435,000 viewers. Insight was 230,000 but Dateline was 123,000.

Neighbours topped mulichannels on 250,000 viewers.

Tuesday 27 March 2012.

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  1. @Dr Heckle – Are you serious? Guess you think all other news media – radio, TV, newapapers, Yahoo, etc., etc., should hold back on the story to suit you. Bye bye.
    @JM- Huh? Then why are you here reading about it?

  2. @ Dr. Heckle. Which rock have you been sleeping under for the past four +years. David explains what is going to happen every time, yet someone just has to complain when a result is revealed. Look forward to reading your next riveting comment later this year 🙂

    David you are a very patient man, especially when having to explain yourself for a third time. I do commend you mate.

    @JM If you have no interest in MKR, or other shows for that matter, then stop reading / commenting about them. Simple solution don’t you think.

  3. I was actually expecting a higher number for the finale since the everyday episodes had about 400k over MC last year. It seems though the finale for both brought similar numbers, interesting…

  4. Having been on this site for sometime….and realising that some people just skim over things…news and posts…..as soon as I saw DK’s spoiler alerts…plural….for MKR….I just knew there would be a Dr. Heckle….frustrates me…and I am just a visitor.
    Do not know how it could be made any clearer..*sigh*

  5. Ratings figures for Pictures of You will come down after being adjusted for the overrun of MKR. I’m sure it’s a lovely show, but the minute by minute data will show a steady decline as people give it a look after MKR and decide it’s not for them.

    @Craig – in some ways it’s a shame about TG. I do miss it a bit but I refuse to watch it on Nine after the way they treated it. It would seem that I’m not alone in that regard. I don’t know how long their deal is for but the sooner they give it up so that SBS can have it back, the better.

  6. Why did nine advertise the Two and half men episode as first run, when it was a repeat of the first, first run episode shown this year? Loving Two Broke Girls, but surely we could have seen a first run ep last night.

  7. @deedee I think most people remotes are broken and only the 7 button works, no matter what the other stations do it will not pull people from Seven it seems. Bet you MC stuggles to get 1m in the first few weeks.

  8. That must be the lowest number for a new TG on Nine ever, they are getting better numbers on GO!.

    Good on Seven, but how long is Pictures of You going to run? I didn’t watch last night but want to know when Parenthood will return? With number like that you have to wonder if it was the MKR final or was there something else? That around 1 million more viewers for PoY than PH got last week.

  9. Tomothyd: agreed.

    Dr. Heckle: Sorry you feel that way. Results like this are big news, reported right across the media (see News Ltd, Fairfax sites today). A dedicated TV site would most certainly be remiss not to report it as major news. I also reminded readers in at least two posts yesterday I would be reporting it.

  10. Got home in time for Country Town Rescue and what a great program. (Thanks for the tip David) It will be great to see how it plays out for all the families.

    The ending of MKR was as I tipped as I figured the princess was going to be there at the end when 7 starting toning down the bitch aspect of her. After all nobody wants the baddy to win.

  11. *gripe time* this happens alot: we went out last night (‘cos there’s more to life than tee &/or vee), recorded this show to watch h/lights next day before work, when… dammit… another TVT website spoiler… fark! i’m changing my homepage.

    If headlines such as these merely stated something like “2.67m watch MKR final” with a different pic, we’d still visit most days & respect u in the morning/s. Check out tv.com for their approach to plotlines etc.

    ps. seeing as this aint our blog & it’s free & there’s plenty more fish in the web, who really gives a shitt? And considering the MKR outcome, u probly saved us an hour or two of cringe tv.

    We might “log-in” again sometime later this year. Cheerio :-/

  12. Who Do You Think You Are featuring Shaun Michallef was very well crafted and very moving. A well deserved rating for SBS.

    No doubt Shaun was the right high profile drawcard to launch with. The tactic worked to get me to try (plus the story on TV Tonight).

    The rest of the series is now locked into the PVR so I don’t forget.

  13. Well deserved win to Channel Seven, they can’t put a foot wrong so far this year and are smashing the rest of them out of the park. Loved Pictures of You, really great feelgood stuff. Brian Nankervis is an excellent host, very Michael Parkinson like in that he butts in minimally and gives his guests the centre stage. Such a simple concept for a talk show, but it definitely works.

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