Look who asked to be on Talkin’ ‘Bout Your Generation

Matt Lucas is such a fan of Shaun Micallef that he changed his Australian itinerary in order to appear -without ever seeing an episode.

Matt Lucas is such a fan of Shaun Micallef that he changed his Australian itinerary in order to appear on the season finale -without ever seeing an episode of the show.

The Little Britain star appears in a Gone with the Wind themed episode, joining Charlie Pickering as part of the Gen X team.

Lucas has admired Micallef ever since seeing The Micallef Program but it was good friend Rebel Wilson, who had appeared on Your Gen, who planted the idea in his head. When Lucas realised he would be in Melbourne as the production was winding down, he re-organised his flights to be in town for the season finale and stepped onto the set in costume without having any idea how the game show worked.

Charlie Pickering says it was a thrill to have Lucas on board, even if there was little time to prepare as a Gen X team.

“The shows have gotten more elaborate over time. Sometimes they come straight from the airport and I don’t see them before we go on. But with someone like Matt, I’m a big fan, so I definitely want to have a chat with him before, and it helps get a bit of rapport going,” he says.

“I’ve been very lucky with quite a few familiar faces in the old Gen X seat.

“Invariably everyone has been lovely. Isn’t that a people-pleasing thing to say! Very diplomatic.”

Some guests have pushed the boundaries of qualifying as Gen X, but Pickering remains diplomatic.

“You don’t want to ask too many questions. A lot of people have their age and their showbiz age, so you have to respect that as part of the business,” he says.

“I’m relatively late Gen X but for whatever reason I think I look like a man-child. So I don’t judge anybody by the way they look.

“It’s funny the number of people who are Gen Y but embarrassed by the knowlelydge-base of Gen Y and claim to be older than they are. And Gen X and Baby Boomers can never understand why you would want to claim you were older than you were.”

The season finale with Matt Lucas is due to air later this month on TEN.

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