STVDIO rebrands as STUDIO

Arts channel STVDIO has changed its name to STUDIO and announced a range of new highlights.

At an industry and media dinner in Sydney last night General Manager Sandra Bender said, “We believe the everyday inspires, and the newly unveiled STUDIO image is a reflection of our goal to make the arts an accessible, inspiring and integral part of the everyday.

“While engaging and entertaining audiences are our priorities, we will continue to push ourselves to be more than just a broadcaster.

“From our partnerships with key arts organisations, to recording over 450 Art Breaks featuring local and international artists, we will continue to be an active participant in this country’s cultural landscape. This year we have an exciting line-up of diverse and engaging content to share with our viewers – from opera to cabaret to reality television.”

The STUDIO PRESENTS line-up in 2012 features the biggest performances around Australia in world premiere broadcasts on STUDIO. Sydney Festival headline show Meow Meow’s Little Match Girl marks the first STUDIO PRESENTS broadcast, on Monday 19 March at 8.30pm. Using Hans Christian Andersen’s bittersweet fable as a starting point, Meow Meow takes on love, youth homelessness and Sydney’s power grid in one fiery show.

Later in 2012 the exclusive broadcasts of STUDIO PRESENTS include Opera Australia’s Handa Opera on Sydney Harbour: La Traviata, The Australian Ballet’s Infinity, Sydney Theatre Company’s Never Did Me Any Harm and a premiere documentary about the ground-breaking Indigenous production I Am Eora, which sold out at this year’s Sydney Festival.

Direct from the US, STUDIO is thrilled to premiere the first reality TV show to take on the world of art. Work of Art: The Next Great Artist is the fast-paced and furiously competitive series that pits fourteen up-and-coming artists against each other for the chance to win $100,000 and a show at the world-famous Brooklyn Museum. The show is produced by Sarah Jessica Parker (Sex & The City) and the EMMY award-winning team behind Top Chef and Project Runway. It premieres Wednesday 14 March at 8.30pm.

STUDIO also has an exciting line-up of exclusive commissions, including For the Love of Books, a weekly book club where new releases and acclaimed classics are discussed and debated. There’s Creative Minds, featuring in-depth interviews with some of Australia’s leading figures in the art world, as well as Raising The Curtain, the first-ever documentary series on the history of Australian theatre.

The new brand came into effect on Thursday 1 March.


  1. Armchair Analyst

    I always called it Studio the old branding was slack. I wish this was on FTA the content which they have anounced sounds very good i would give it a go if it was on FTA maybe the ABC can do something similar on ABC 2.

  2. Perhaps they could get some decent programs to put on.
    When it was the Ovation channel in ’06 when we signed up they had “An Evening of Fourplay”, Bob James, Lee Ritenour, Nathan East and Harvey James (not what your thinkin) and Lee Ritenour and Friends on rotation. I watched them all. Then they went all Andre Reau? boring, sorry.

    They have had “The Doobie Bros”, “Dave Mathews” and of late “Spandau Ballet”, “Hall & Oats” and the Ramsey Lewis series. But they are all old and the quality is sub standard.

    Get with it STUDIO and go and buy some decent DVD/Blu Rays and put them on.

    Then hopefully Foxtel will enable the USB port on the back of the IQ boxes so we can archive the shows to a portable drive, so when the box U/S’s itself we dont get to loose the content we payed for.
    X Fingers uhh?

    So where is all the contemporary Jazz?

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