Vale: Cliff Neville

Former 60 Minutes producer Cliff Neville has died following a short battle with liver cancer.

Neville came to TV in the 1980s following print media, first at Seven and then at Nine.

He was a supervising producer at 60 Minutes for 18 years and is credited as the guiding hand behind Ray Martin, Richard Carleton, Jana Wendt, Mike Munro, Charles Wooley and Jeff McMullen.

About 10 years ago he worked as a freelance producer for both Nine and Seven including Business Sunday and Sunday Night.

Peter Meakin, called him a rock, telling The Australian, “When the advice you least wanted to hear was most needed, he was the guy who gave it to you.”

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  1. One of the best, most decent people in TV. A true gentleman to everyone he came into contact with, and while the word is overused to the point of being a cliche, he was a great professional. A great shame to hear of Cliff’s death.

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