Another 2.5m for The Voice

Ratings: Nine's talent show continues blockbuster figures, more than double Australia's Got Talent.

Another Voice, another 2.5m viewers.

Nine’s talent show was unsurprisingly #1 again with 2.51m viewers last night, as Nine enjoyed a 10% share lead over its rivals.

Nine was 36.8% to Seven’s 26.7%. ABC1 was again third on a Monday with 17.2%,  TEN had to settle for fourth place with 16.1% and SBS was low even by its own standards on 3.2%.

The Block was #2 for the night on 1.43m as contestants selected their houses. Nine News was just pipped by Seven with 1.3m then ACA (1.2m), Person of Interest (739,000) and Hot Seat (652,000). Some markets had Alcatraz (243,000) with Footy Classified (208,000) in others.

Seven News (1.31m) led Seven’s night followed by Today Tonight (1.27m), Australia’s Got Talent and Revenge (both on 1.22m), Home and Away (1.03m), Pictures of You (750,000), Deal or No Deal (559,000). Happy Endings was just 275,000 / 163,000 while 30 Rock was only 122,000.

ABC News topped ABC1 with 1.02m then 7:30 (728,000), Q & A (687,000), Four Corners (638,000), Media Watch (627,000), and  Australian Story (621,000).

For TEN The Biggest Loser managed 840,000. TEN News at Five was 781,000. Bondi Rescue was 586,000, Hawaii Five-0 was 448,000 and NCIS: LA was 445,000.

SBS ONE couldn’t rise above World News Australia on 189,000. Once a cult hit, Shameless is now just 66,000.

The Big Bang Theory topped multichannels with 346,000. Spartacus: Vengeance premiered to 134,000.

Monday 23 April 2012

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  1. I liked the show, but I don’t think I can stand watching this ‘battle of the singers’ thing they’ve got going now. A battle of singers basically means the loudest and highest singer wins. But music isn’t just about that; it’s about being emotionally connected with a song, it’s about light and shade and nuance. This concept is going to result in an assault to our ears and will be quite a sad and embarrassing state of affairs for the singers.

  2. I’m getting sick of hearing the same comments over and over. How many times has Seal said “It wasn’t unique enough” or “You are the reason we’re doing this show” or “You have the voice”. And all of them always say “You’re in great hands with ____” as their only comment (except when they want the same person in which case they’re better than ____) or “I would’ve pressed the button but…”.

  3. Whats with no pressing the buzzer but they always say you have an amzing voice. Cmon guys if they had an amazing voice then you should press the button. Whats with delta’s constant fake same reaction with every singer. Getting boring delta. One more gripe how is it that most of the singers are known to the judges. They all seem to be in the industry., check out the surnames, sebastion,barnes,jenson and the rest are all theatre singers, or back up singers for famous singers and famous bands. So much for the judges not knowing who they are. As soon as mahalia opened her mouth delta, kieth and joel knew who it was. Good show but getting predictable. Its not really about the voice only. Its more about the judges. The judges seem to know who the singers are .

  4. I record The Voice now and fast forward all the extra bits. I watch the performance and who the artist chooses. I agree with Steve I am over the hesitant pressing the button and then when no one presses they all say you have an amazing voice etc. Although after turning the channel onto 7 to watch Revenge and had to put up with about 15 minutes of AGT where 2 girls and a dwarf got in for jelly wrestling I know why so many people are watching The Voice.

  5. Well I’m Nine’s target demo and I am already over The Voice. The “will I … won’t I” press the button routine by the ‘coaches’ is over done. I might be back for the Finale but that’s all.

  6. @Deedee

    You know, I have an idea part of the continuing success (so far) of the program is due to the chemistry of and between the judges. I think this may well continue into the battle rounds.

  7. Hawaii Five O got more than NCIS LA?? Ten have stuffed up big time with NCIS LA. Should have stayed Tuesday with NCIS.
    And I planned to watch Hawaii Five 0, but turned off at 9.45, it didn’t start until 9.50 despite a 9.30 start time. I’ll go back to watching Hawaii Five 0 elsewhere

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