Australia’s Got Talent picks Wednesdays

For the last two weeks Australia’s Got Talent has been hard up against it, being thrashed by The Voice when the shows are head to head.

It went as low as 980,000 on one occasion, but rose to over 1.5m when it wasn’t competing.

Some observers have been waiting for Seven to blink, but it has held its nerve through the audition stages.

From next week when it becomes just one episode, Seven has scheduled it on Wednesday night – strategically placed away from Nine’s juggernaut.

It’s a big move away from its traditional home of 7:30pm Tuesdays. Clever move? Running scared? It will surely result in more viewers, which is the bottom line.

Ironically, Nine only has one episode of The Voice scheduled next week, on Monday. But when elimination rounds follow Live performance shows later, Seven presumably faced the same problem.


  1. jezza the first original one

    Ch7 are being reactive as opposed to their usual proactive stance. For the first time in ages they are running scared. This can only harm them in the long run, as you move one major show which then causes an array of other changes. Before you know it the schedule becomes unstable, viewers lose confidence, numbers drop and you start plugging the gaps with the same U.S sitcom. Sound familiar?

  2. AGT will simply get thrown to the dogs, once Masterchef and State of Origin come into play, as you can’t schedule a week’s break, (when they know Sydney/Brisbane will be likely watching SOO) for a program so reliant on viewer votes as AGT.

    This may end up being a decision 7 will regret, later this year.

  3. Probably a good move by Seven. I have stuck with AGT, PTTR, Revenge etc. I only ever switch over to the Voice during add breaks, and if Delta happens to be talking I switch straight back to Seven. I do think healthy competition is good for the viewers, but I can’t see why the Voice has been so successful.

  4. I can understand Seven’s paranoia and heightened level of anxiety given the unprecendented success of “The Voice” on Nine.

    Given that, Seven bumping Australia’s Got Talent to Wednesday night timeslot is an admission of failure. I’m pro-Seven, but I’m very dissatisfied with their choice. During their tenure as the number one television network, never did they look at the other networks and prioritise their schedule based on the oppositions choices.

    I hope that Seven has an enviable mid and late season programming strategy because despite their honourable win at the beginning of the year, they really need to show the other networks why they are number one.

  5. AGT will likely get thrashed come State of Origin nights and Wednesday editions of Masterchef are usually the best with the challenges they have.

  6. I think it’s a measured move by Seven. They obviously didn’t want to go up against The Voice and also didn’t want PTTR starting at different times every week.

  7. Its a good move on Seven’s part but what is going to fill the holes that Talent is leaving behind? Do we know any of that info David?

    Once Upon a Time has been advertised for months now and still no air date. Could this be taking the coveted 7:30pm Tuesday timeslot?

  8. I hope Seven has considered the possibility Nine could put one of The Voice live shows on Wednesday too … even if it’s not currently planned, it could be a smart move by Nine if it continues to dominate.

  9. Isn’t this how nine’s and ten’s problems started ? I’d love to see ch9 schedule the Voice firceednesdays come the live shows. Make it Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.. What would Seven do with AGT then?

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