Got Talent, got ratings.

Ratings: Without The Voice to compete with Australia's Got Talent hits #1 with 1.53m viewers.

Without The Voice to compete with, Seven hit back on Wednesday night as Australia’s Got Talent got ratings.

The show pulled 1.53m viewers, its best audience this season and the top show for the night.

Seven was 32.1% over Nine 26.2% and TEN 21.0%.

Seven’s other drawcards were Seven News (1.51m), Today Tonight (1.34m), Bones and Home and Away (both 1.05m). Titanic, pushed out to a 9:30pm start, sank to 316,000.

Nine News was 1.33m for Nine. The Block was 1.21m, ACA was 1.13m, Celebrity Apprentice Challenge was 812,000 and The Mentalist was 540,000 /348,000.

The Biggest Loser was best for TEN on 838,000. Offspring was 759,000, TEN News was 731,000,  The Project 6pm was 528,000 and The Good Wife was 516,000.

ABC News was best for ABC1 with 998,000 then Anzac Day March (626,000), 7:30 (609,000), Wild Life at the Zoo (490,000), the final Gordon Street Tonight (484,000) and Agony Uncles (357,000).

SBS ONE pulled 370,000 for World’s Most Dangerous Roads, and 346,000 for Wildest India.

Heartbeat topped multichannels with 299,000.

Wednesday 25 April 2012

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  1. Dan, I’m just disappointed that Channel Seven killed the miniseries. I attended the launch party in London last month, and I knew straight away that this miniseries had potential. ITV (UK) was supposed to air the miniseries over four consecutive nights, but they changed it to four weeks. It’s one of those miniseries (especially with the flashback format) that must be aired over two nights. I know ABC (USA) aired the miniseries over two nights, but it got the same amount of viewers that Downton Abbey did on PBS. I think the premier last week did very well in the ratings for a Wednesday night. I’m just shocked at the massive drop of the final installment. Now that the 100th Anniversary has passed, the excitement and interest in the Titanic has begun to die down. If they aired the first two episodes on April 14 and the final two episodes on April 15, they would have done extremely well. Personally, I think Channel Seven should have edited the miniseries into two parts and in a linear fashion – a few international countries did the same. Anywho, whoever decided to air the miniseries late on a public holiday should be fired!! It’s common sense. As I said, I’m glad the DVD/Blu-ray was released yesterday… those commercials killed the continuity of the story.

  2. “Gordon Street should be pulling in twice the numbers”

    I agree. Imo it’s failing due to: 1) Terrible production values. 2) The show is too long. 3) Adam Hills is too nice. He should go to Channel Ten and ask them to produce it properly.

  3. @Jordan
    Exactly right seven should have aired it on April 14/15 but they were to greedy they wanted ratings points and they got exactly what they deserved by it flopping it would have rated through the roof if they had aired it on the anniversary

  4. Channel Seven absolutely killed the Titanic miniseries, it’s their fault why the ratings dropped. They should have aired it on April 14/15 like other international countries did for the 100th Anniversary. Kenny, that’s the most ludicrous comment I’ve ever heard. How can one compare this miniseries to the 1996 Hallmark miniseries? Titanic would have stayed afloat if Channel Seven even bothered to air it on the actual anniversary. Yesterday was a public holiday, so of course the ratings would have dropped. Oh well, thankfully the DVD/Blu-ray is released today.

  5. I much prefer AGT to The Voice. I like the variety of the acts, they are not just singers, there is all kinds of stuff on the show and that keeps it interesting. Last night’s episode of AGT was great – the Johnson twins were hysterical and Andrew Da Silva, the last act, was well worth the wait. What a totally sensational voice, yowzer!!! I predict he will be one of the grand finalists.

  6. @ Kenny : Don’t forget though that Seven didn’t screen Titanic the way it was intended (four one hour episodes) so it would have seemed more repetitive the way Seven screened it. Having said that though I agree it wasn’t spectacular.

  7. Will be interesting to see the ‘+7’ figures for Titanic. Our household watched it live last week, but put it on the PVR last night. Will watch it in the weekend some time.

    Gordon Street should be pulling in twice the numbers it has been getting, and then some (in my opinion at least). One of the best shows on tv, and sad to see it end for another year.

  8. “Titanic” was a disaster in more ways than one. Thought I was watching a “reality” show the way they kept repeating scenes. Don’t know why 7 didn’t run the Hallmark “The Titanic” miniseries they have. Far superior.

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