The Voice soars to 2.17m viewers

The Logies may have had One Direction but it was the unknown singers in The Voice that won TV’s ratings battle with a whopping 2.17m viewers last night.

It was followed by The Logie Carpet Arrivals, coded separately with 1.8m viewers. Nine News followed on 1.43m, then the Logie Awards averaging 1.38m across its lengthy broadcast (but figures are yet to be adjusted). Seven News was 1.33m and Dancing with the Stars averaged 1.07m viewers.

TEN took a hit against such competition with The Biggest Loser on 739,000 viewers and the premiere of Avatar was just 553,000.

Nine’s network share for Sunday night was huge: 42% over Seven’s 23.2% and TEN’s 18.1%.

Nine claims The Voice peaked at 2.93m viewers and Logies peaked at 2.76m.

ABC’s best was ABC News on 813,000 followed by Australia: The Time Traveller’s Guide on 699,000. Shirley was 370,000 and the premiere of Auction Room was only 272,000.

Inside the Titanic on Seven was 545,000.

Unsinkable Titanic was 343,000 for SBS.

Sunday 15 April 2012


  1. I am hooked on The Voice. I watched Idol, Xfactor, and AGT but this is the best and i am usually a nine basher. well done. I also enjoyed The Logies. This could be a major turning point for Nine.

  2. I agree how annoying it was to see them reacting approvingly at how the country singer and the girl in the shorts looked…a tad contrary to the show’s premise.

    They were both good singers, but it seems most of the singers have somewhat more talent than other ‘talent’ shows, so they weren’t rejecting obvious crap singers – they had to find someone flawless and strong. Sadly, I think the country girl, while a good singer, still had some weaknesses in her voice that will improve as she gains more experience. A year or so, and she’ll be a definite contender.

  3. i am absolutely addicted to the US and UK voice and the australian one, althought did not have the quality of singers, still smashed x factor australia much better quality. I hope this does really well for 9, its about time we had something to watch on the channel! I dont think it can hold onto these numbers but i think itl do well. Cant wait to see if it can hold up against AGT. AGT is garbage!

  4. Recorded The Voice to watch a bit later. Glad I did, I think I got the program down to half it’s length by FF through the ads, the repeated bits and the family stories. Just wanted to hear the singers and which judge picked who. Really hope the quality of the singers improve. Watched DWTS and I still like it!

  5. I watched The Voice and although there were a couple of great singers I found the whole show dragged out for me. I wasn’t interested in lengthy backstories (maybe as the contestants get further into the comp), then they would have one singer and then go to an add break, then come back, recap what we just watched, then have one more singers back story then the performance then the vote then an add break again. I think an hour had passed and only 4 contestants had been shown. Considering they have to find 48 performers it may well continue to drag.
    Is it just me or are there no singers out there with normal happy lives?

  6. @WhatUpp,That is exactly the point,I was involved in the music industry for ages and if the Judges are incapable of recognising a talented “Voice” what is the point in the premise the Talent they have selected are all successful in their fields but suffice to say a Dicko or Mark Holden would have picked that potential immediately.
    Most of the best golf coaches were not champion players and swim coaches not the greatest swimmers.
    This is the problem I have with the concept,with the addition of an industry player/players they would not have missed this.

  7. So what’s the difference between this and Australia’s Got Talent? What makes this show so special? Its just another singing comp to me.

  8. People liked it? Really. It was just x factor with all entertainment value sucked out of it.

    Re; the country girl. Joel turn around and the first thing he says is something along the lines of: “gee if I knew how hot you were I definitely would have wanted you on my team, a record company will be lucky to have you” how is that not a contradiction to the whole shows premise?

  9. Network’s need to be careful, they are putting all these reality shows on yet nothing else. They need to be cautious as people will hate the overload and switch off. I hope Australia’s Got Talent returns with the numbers it deserves, I think it will. I don’t think The Voice will be able to maintain its audience figure though, it will decline but not as much and not as severely.

  10. @Goatracer: The judges wanted to but they can’t, if they did it would defeat the purpose of ‘The Voice’. The Voice is about the voice (self-explanatory) not the looks which is an issue that persists in many shows. They would be contradicting themselves if they decided to pick her.

  11. Watched The Voice…wanted to like it, but way too much of the so called “heart felt” back stories and way too much attention on the judges. Lasted 30 minutes and pretty sure I won’t be back.

  12. It would surely frustrate the other gold Logie nominees that someone can have a 10 hr total presence on tv all year and snatch Gold.
    The upside is that I enjoyed Hamish Blake’s speech, he is naturally funny. I can’t say the same for Adam Hills nor most other comedians in this country.

    The other positive is that Karl didn’t win it!

  13. I really cannot believe people watch The Voice. It just amazes me. SBS was where it was at last night. A superb Titanic doco on SBS1 and Ninja Warrior and Unbeatable Banzuke on SBS2. Unfortunately they were both on at the same time.

  14. Ended up switching between DWTS and Voice during ad breaks so may have missed some things. DWTS sticks to the same old formula so should maintain it’s audience.
    The Voice had a great opening with each of the judges on stage singing Seal’s song Crazy. I know it’s nit picking but things that annoyed me are: Pommy host which as a voiceover sounded like a foreign show (probably a selling point OS); the awfully contrived taunts from Delta “You’re going down Urban.”; the repetitive “will I won’t I push the button”; and in reference to Goatracer below (Country girl in the green dress), I thought that showed the downside of not seeing the contestant. Yeah, she sounded good but no one had the guts to pick her, hoping Urban would because he was C&W. Then seeing the fawning that went on when they turned around and saw not only did she have a good voice but she was also a stunner, as if being ordinary looking may have vindicated their decision. That really irked me.

    but a show like this promised the best and after the Country girl in the green dress was not picked I just lost all respect for the judges,she was one of the stand out performers of the night and unless the intention is to give her some kind of second chance they have lost me.

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