Tim Minchin for Californication guest role

Cabaret wild-child Tim Minchin will have a guest role in US drama Californication.

According to his official website he’s landed the role of “coked-up rockstar” Atticus Fetch in the next season.

“We hear that – in true Californication style – his opening scene will involve quite a lot of Tim-flesh, so if that’s your thing…” it says.

Minchin’s character is described by deadline.com as ”Bowie, Bono and Lennon all rolled up into one charming yet mad-as-a-hatter rock star” who has been drafted to adapt Moody’s breakthrough novel as a Broadway musical. He has been drafted to write the music for the Broadway musical, A Crazy Little Thing Called Love, which is based on the hit romantic comedy of the same name adapted from Hank Moody’s (David Duchovny) breakthrough novel God Hates Us All. Atticus tries to enlist Hank to pen the book for the musical, promising him that together they will turn it into a “rock opera” about “love conquering all.”

Season 5 is currently airing on ELEVEN.

Source: The Age


  1. Secret Squirrel

    The current season (on 11) has been great so far. The writing has been very good. I reckon Tim (well, his alter-ego) will fit right in with Mr Moody.

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