1. purerandomness

    Knew 2 Broke Girls wouldn’t suit the Australian Audience. The humour is just too forced and the laughing audio doesn’t help either. They should just keep it simple like How I Met Your Mother.

    Have been a fan of the TBL since season 1 and gotta say this isn’t a bad season. Glad that TEN moved it back to 7pm where all their reality TV shows should be.

    Australian shows such as Bondi Vet and The Project gives Australian TV shows a distinct colour and flavour seperating from American shows. That’s what I like about it.

    I’ve notice channel 7 has overpromoting alot of TV shows from their favourite american network, ABC. I’m sure Once Upon a Time will be a hit.

  2. I think Ten needs to cut 7pm project to 30 mins because it’s not a good lead in for 10’s popular shows @ 7pm. They need to think long and hard to find a show that can fill the 6.30-7pm slot, maybe they could look now and do it next yr.
    Channel 11 still hasn’t put the simpsons back to 6pm where it was born on Ten and where it should be on 11, it would be a much better lead in than sabrina!! Also becker it a night show so stop wasting it during the day.

  3. Makes me wonder if Nine had not shown a TG re-run but put on a new ep, maybe even the missing AU ones could they have won the night?

    Ditto for TEN with NCIS.

    BTW does Seven still have the rights to Titanic the move? Why not air is them week with the 100th anv and the movie back in cinemas what better time for some one to show it?

  4. “Who Do You Think You Are” was very good last night. Got a lot of Australian history in this one (O’Brien didn’t go to another country to research his ancestors). I hope they keep making an Australian version of this show.

  5. Agreed about The Biggest Loser, why was it a 30 minute episode? It didn’t make any sense. Is it so Thursdays episode isn’t just filler content and has actual competition in it?

  6. @goonies totally agree and what made it even worse was the way that they snuck in a repeat of bondi vet after the new one instead of the re run of bondi vet they could have had a1 hour BL and then had the new bondi vet at 8pm BL would have rated better if it was a 1 hour ep

  7. I watched the movie The Boys Are Back and thought it was a really good Australian movie. The kid who played the youngest son was a fantastic actor for his age.

  8. The only reason TEN done so well was because it was Dull Tuesday with little good programming on an average week let alone during non-ratings with all major shows being repeats (e.g. 2 Broke Girls). This will no doubt go to TEN’s programming team’s head and make them think they are doing something right.

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