2.61m as The Voice knocks out the competition

The Voice scored a massive 2.61m viewers in its first battle round, thumping the competition on Seven and TEN.

If The Voice was expected to start shedding viewers now the blind auditions are over, it sure hasn’t started doing it yet.

Nine scored a massive 2.61m viewers, thumping the competition on Seven and TEN. The show pulled 938,000 viewers in Melbourne, 804,000 in Sydney and peaked on 3.2m viewers.

Nine’s share for Monday was massive, 42.5%, thrashing Seven on 24.1% and triple TEN -in fourth place once more on 13.9%. ABC was 16.2% and SBS a lowly 3.3%.

Nine scored big with The Block (1.4m), Nine News (1.27m), ACA (1.23m) beating Today Tonight, and Person of Interest (1.14m) -but those numbers are preliminary with The Voice running overtime.

Seven News (1.37m) topped Seven’s night then Revenge (1.26m), Today Tonight (1.2m), Australia’s Got Talent (966,000), Home and Away (944,000) and Pictures of You (635,000).

On ABC1 it was ABC News (1.04m), Australian Story (734,000), 7:30 (683,000), Four Corners (646,000),  Media Watch (660,000) and Q & A (603,000).

TEN could not rise above TEN News (779,000) with The Biggest Loser on 761,000. The Project 6pm was 528,000, Bondi Rescue was just 420,000 and NCIS: LA (343,000).

SBS also had a shocker of a night with Mythbusters on 169,000 and World News Australia on 158,000.

Neighbours led multichannels on 276,000.

Sunrise:  363,000
Today: 350,000
ABC News Breakfast: 28,000 / 21,000
Breakfast: 23,000

Monday 30 April 2012

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  1. Hi David,

    I’m predicting some kind of twist – given that on my sample of three tonight, all the best singers are losing the battle round – the producers are going to allow the rejects back into the competition ‘Biggest Loser’ style. Sarah, and Anthony should regard themselves as hard done by; and by a long way.

  2. ACA just gets more stupid everyday. Its just dumb television. How can there be any bias in determining the winner of DWTS when the vote is depended on the public vote.the judgespoints are oly a small percentage of the overall points. Its the callers that ring in that determine the winner. the rest is determined by the public. And by far Daniele Spence is the clear favourite not KAK. The reason KAK is still there is because she is very popular with the viewers and they are the ones who keep voting for her and rightly so, she is fantastic. Just sour grapes on nine part because they lost their biggest star to seven. .

  3. It just goes to show how good a show is to stay where it has been for so long. The performances of the battle rounds were fantastic but the amount of crap they put in between them was ridiculous. Too much if you ask me.

    Glad Revenge went up again from where it was last week. That to me proves the show still has legs and i am expecting 1.5m on Wednesday night.

    TEN just keeps on slowing. Its schedule is a joke.

  4. Ten refuses to listen to it’s viewers and now has nearly killed ncis l.a!! and bondi rescue! Just move the fkn shows back to 9.30pm and 8pm tuesdays and swallow your loser pride!

  5. Wow, the funniest thing about the train-wreck which is Breakfast is that I remember one of the producers of breakfast ‘forgot’ to mention ABC news breakfast, when talking about morning ratings. Now ABC Breakfast is outrating Breakfast with its ABC 1 ratings alone! Infact, when you include ABC24 ratings it has double the ratings. Come on Ten this is embarassing.

  6. ‘Breakfast’ really isn’t doing well! That’s a shame as they actually do provide a decent alternative. Their Anzac Day coverage was outstanding. Hope Ten sticks with it.

  7. @Moanique. Ordinarily I’d agree with you. But ACA did have a point about about the equality of promoting their contestants and the unusally high number of channel 7 personalities being winners. Let’s face it, both shows snipe and use each other all the time. TT reported about The Voice only to prop up their own AGT. This isn’t journalism, they’re just well oiled promotional machines for their networks wedged between following up media releases and promoting their own sponsors.

  8. Guess one upside of Mythbusters doing just 169k is Nine won’t be poaching the show any time soon LOL

    I’m please to say I watched SBS and ABC most of last night, avoiding the sheep watching The Voice on Nine. Watching the H5O for the first time in a while and enjoyed this week episode… I’ll have to catch up on the rest of the season when it ends.

    Yes I saw Media Watch and the ‘news’ story they had last week on ACA, thus another reason I don’t watch ACA and TT anymore. I’m assuming the DWTS bit was just as bad?

  9. Massive ratings for The Voice. With it going longer this time around, it pulls Nine up and pushes everyone else down. Nine will hope they pull a massive win like this tonight especially since The Voice finishes after 10pm. A win like this next week could enable another weekly win for Nine. If battle rounds can hold 2.5 million, I wonder if the live performances will do just as well? I wonder if Seven and Ten are dreading the finale weeks of The Block and The Voice? They would hate it more if they fell in a State of Origin week.

    I am sure Ten will be glad when NCIS LA and Hawaii 5 0 are over.

  10. Wow that’s really low numbers for Breakfast. Maybe TEN are hoping they’ll get an increase when Masterchef starts and have some of the contestants and judges on? But I guess if they do that who will The Circle have?

  11. The ACA story about DWTS last night was one of the worst pieces of gutter journalism I have ever seen. DWTS is no threat to Nine, yet they feel the need to kick them when they’re down. I do realise that Today Tonight isn’t much better. ACA’s Ben McCormack said to KAK ” do you remember us at Nine”. KAK said ” surely this is current affairs”.

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