Airdate: Bikie Wars: Brothers in Arms

TEN’s anticipated miniseries Bikie Wars: Brothers in Arms will premiere Tuesday May 15 at 8:30pm.

The drama, based on the events behind 1984’s Milperra Massacre, features Callan Mulvey, Matt Nable and Susie Porter. It will be preceded by a special, Bikie Wars: Here & Now, presented by TEN News reporter Hamish MacDonald at 8:10pm.

In the 1970s and early 80s, the outlaw bikie scene was in its fledgling days. More wild west than organized crime, the Comancheros vied with many other motorcycle gangs for territory.

As the tribes fought, the Comancheros were also fighting their own internal battle, with the Supreme Commander, Jock Ross, recruiting men to his club with the purpose of being the one dominant motorcycle gang in Sydney and eventually Australia.

Not everyone agreed with his tactics.

When the men challenged him, Jock split the club in what was a betrayal of his most loyal acolyte, Anthony “Snoddy” Spencer. With this act, Jock Ross misjudged the feelings of his men. Instead of staying with him, the majority mutinied, sticking with Snoddy who formed the Bandidos. And the seeds for Milperra were sown. With powerful forces within each of the rival clubs demanding retribution, a series of tit-for-tat attacks led to war being declared.

The winner would take all from the final battlefield that was to be the bikie swap meet at the Viking Tavern in Milperra on Fathers Day 1984.


  1. @Tony Bee – if they didn’t have this kind of show on TV Showtime and HBO would be out of business. Does Dexter glamorize serial killers, what about The Sopranos, Prison Break, Hung, Breaking Bad or The Client? All shows dealing with illegal activities of some kind.

  2. Kelly McGann

    Should be interesting. My uncle was a Senior Detective during the whole thing and was one of the first ones on the scene in 1984. Will have to ask him what he thinks afterwards.

  3. This sounds good, but I don’t want to miss Rafters, so I may have to finally work out how to record shows, god I hate technology 🙂

  4. Even if the bikies aren’t portrayed in a great light, it’s glamourising purely by the fact that they are the subject of a major mini series. I’m sure it’s a big ego stroke for them. With a real bikie war underway right now, they don’t need any encouragement.

  5. steve sydney

    Next years Logies should have a category for ‘worst wigs and hair pieces’… This mini series would win hands down.

    It really does seem more like a Sunday offering ala Beaconsfield..

  6. Carringbush

    I just assumed it would be on a Sunday like most mini-series or one offs like Beaconsfield. Hopefully it still gets the audience it deserves.

  7. @sav001, and everytime someone says Ten have killed NCIS, you always question it and defend Ten. Yes NCIS has been in the same timeslot for majority of it’s run. Pat on the back for Ten for that. Because it’s moving shows around that has killed most of it’s other shows.

    But I think Ten has killed NCIS. Last night were 3 episodes back to back. Repeats have been scheduled every single day of the week in the past. Some weeks a new ep, some weeks a repeat no one can keep track. Sometimes it gets fast tracked, then on come repeats and we get left behind. Plus it didn’t start last week until 8.45. 15 minutes late ain’t good enough.

    When’s your review for this David? I read one in Tv Guide and wasn’t that favourable.

  8. Everyone keeps on going on about how Ten have ruined NCIS but the fact is NCIS has been their most consistently scheduled with it staying in the 8:30 Pm Tuesday timeslot for basically it’s entire run. Airing repeats of a show wouldn’t have hurt it that much, Noone watching Ten at the moment and the fact that NCIS has been going on for 9 years and is getting old is what’s hurting NCIS.

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