Dicko & Nathan to compete for Celebrity Apprentice

Ian ‘Dicko’ Dickson and Nathan Joliffe will go head to head for the title of Celebrity Apprentice Australia.

It’s the old dog vs the young pup.

Last night Ben Dark and Lauryn Eagle were fired by boss Mark Bouris.

Both have to produce music videos and performances of the song they jointly composed in last night’s challenge. The finale next week will include former contestants from both seasons (dear God, will Deni Hines be returning?),

I had always expected Dicko to make the final two, but must admit I thought Charlotte Dawson would be joining him. Joliffe has proven enterprising and likeable even though I don’t subscribe to his ‘celebrity’ status yet.

This season hasn’t hit anywhere near the heights of the last, due in part to the fact it hasn’t been stripped at 7pm.

Although the show has already been renewed for a third run of celebrities, I would still like to see a non-celebrity version make a return.


  1. I like the celebrity version but I do prefer non celebrity apprentice. Maybe it’s because at the end it is genuinely life changing for the winner because they actually get a new job working for Mr Bouros.

  2. So do we have the same rubbish they pulled last year when they shot multiple endings or will we see a real reaction by the winner?

  3. How Ben and Lauryn thought a reggae song would make the charts I’ll never know, been many years since a straight up reggae song has seen chart success (perhaps dub dance versions like Bob Marley vs Funkster Deluxe Sun Is Shining but even then it was only club chart huge).

    Interested in the final now as well, Nathan wanted more crunchy guitar in the song, so keen to see how he does the work over of it.

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