Report: Celebrity Apprentice “lies” to participants

Brian Mannix says of Celebrity Apprentice, "They would deliberately lie to stall or distract you."

2013-03-14_0100More tales from the set of Celebrity Apprentice this time from Uncanny X-Men singer Brian Mannix who tells of producer tactics to keep celebs on the edge.

According to News Limited, competitors were woken at 4.30am for no reason, escorted to the toilet by a guard and spun lies by producers and crew.

“They would deliberately lie to stall or distract you. None of my fellow contestants gave me the shits. But the crew did. The food did, too.”

He claimed five competitors were struck down with food poisoning during filming.

“But you couldn’t go to the toilet without a guard, which wasn’t a lot of fun, especially when we had diarrhoea.”

On waking up early he said: “We didn’t even have anything to do. We stood around doing sweet f… all. They wear everybody out, so they crack.”

TV Tonight has previously reported that early morning wake-up calls, long hours and behind-the-scenes manipulation were straight out of the Reality TV 101 rulebook.

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  1. Even though reality tv has been around for a number of years, II think most people who go on as a contestant into a reality series, don’t really have a sense of the long hours they have to work for each day – until they actually are on the show. And then it’s too late, to back out.

  2. I really enjoyed the first series, bailed halfway through the second coz the on-line catch-up kept stuffing up, not interested in this third. However if they did another non-celebrity version, I’d be all over it!

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