Tempers flare on Celebrity Apprentice set

2013-02-07_2330Minor Spoilers: Tension is rising on the set of Celebrity Apprentice, which should make for a must-see series.

Word is PR queens Prue MacSween and Roxie Jacenko aren’t always seeing eye to eye.

But not all of it is confined to star egos, with plenty of friction being directed at Producers.

TV Tonight hears some celebrities have had a rude shock thinking the show would be fun, but Producers are applying tactics to frustrate their challenges.

The 5:30am wake-up calls, long hours and behind-the-scenes manipulation are straight out of the Reality TV 101 rulebook. When it works well it results in celebrity dummy-spits on camera, all of which makes perfect TV drama.

Spirits lifted when the girls’ team roped in Justice Crew at a Tim Tam challenge in Pitt Street Mall this week.

The series is coming to Nine later this year.

Photo: The Dirt


  1. Excess Baggage failed last year so Nine has brought back Celebrity Apprentice. How is that plan coming along for Nine to “own” the 7PM timeslot?

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