Eurovision lifts SBS to double figures

The Final of the Eurovision Song Contest took SBS to double figures for the night, with an average of 531,000 viewers across nearly 4 hours of viewing. It bettered 2011’s 503,000 viewers.

SBS Network reached a 10.1% -more than double the preceding Sunday’s 4.8% share, its second best night of the year. Seven Network appeared to be hit hardest by the lure of Euro-pop, but still managed to win the night with 27.7%, just ahead of Nine’s 26.3%, TEN’s 21.0% and ABC’s 14.9%.

Seven News (1.47m) was Seven’s best result, followed by Downton Abbey (1.4m), Dancing with the Stars (1.1m) and Castle (524,000).

The Block was again #1 for the night with the exact same numbers it nabbed a week earlier – 1.68m. Nine News was 1.54m, 60 Minutes was 1.22m, but The Mentalist was just 744,000 and Unforgettable was 472,000.

Given the extra competition MasterChef did good numbers with 1.23m for TEN. Modern Family was 741,000, New Girl was 645,000, TEN News was 560,000, but Touch was only 492,000 and The Project was 387,000.

The Diamond Queen (930,000) led ABC1 then ABC News (885,000), Midsomer Murders (646,000), Compass (331,000) and Auction Room (264,000).

Eurovision also ruled social media on the weekend, dominating Twitter across the three nights of its broadcast. Elsewhere for SBS ONEĀ World News Australia was 223,000.

The Big Bang Theory led multichannels with 314,000.

Sunday May 27 2012


  1. David with Eurovision doing so well for SBS, are SBS allowed to show old Eurovision’s from previous years as I for one would love to re-watch some old Euro’s on a boring Saturday night on SBS 1 or SBS 2 which would be much better than the dreck that’s usually on elsewhere

  2. Secret Squirrel

    @Craig – F1 audience is split between Ten and One so neither rates in the top 20 in their respective channel list.

    Have to disagree about Touch unless it improved markedly from the first two eps. Haven’t watched it since.

  3. Castle deserves better numbers, ditto for Touch. Most of the shows on TENs Sunday should be getting better ratings! Also what happened with the F1 last night, Webber winning in Monaco and it doesn’t rate?

  4. Only one third of those who watched Downton Abbey stuck around for Castle afterwards

    Touch continues to sink, there’s only 12 episodes in the first season so it seems unlikely Ten will bump it. They have nothing else to replace it with!

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