MasterChef serves up first ratings, as Nine wins Sunday.

TEN finally has reason to smile as viewers sit down for another MasterChef meal.

The returning reality show won its timeslot with 1.36m viewers. The biggest slice of the audience was in Melbourne with 447,000 viewers, over Sydney’s 404,000 and Brissy’s 208,000. The show peaked at 1.62m.

After TEN’s primary channel losing to ABC1 last week, it couldn’t have come at a better time.

However it was The Block that was the highest rating of the 3 big reality shows with 1.47m viewers, while the longer Dancing with the Stars was impacted by both on 1.11m.

Overall it was Nine that won Sunday thanks to Nine News (1.48m), 60 Minutes (1.29m) and The Mentalist (652,000 / 478,000).

Seven News was the #1 show for the night on 1.56m viewers with Bones on 1.01m and Castle on 711,000.

The Biggest Loser was 936,000 on TEN, Touch was 703,000, The Project was 360,000 and MotoGP was 230,000 live in 3 cities.

ABC News (793,000) topped ABC1 then Midsomer Murders (721,000), Two on the Great Divide (660,000), Compass (367,000) and Auction Room (252,000).

Despite the Reality battles SBS did well with Machu Picchu Decoded on 451,000. Prophets of Science Fiction was 283,000.

Big Bang was best on multichannels with 262,000.

Sunday 6 May 2012


  1. Last year people complained masterchef had no heart and boring contestants. This year they are showing heart and putting through people with personality. And guess what, people are complaining that there is to much crying, why are their families there etc. I love masterchef and this year its looking pretty damn god to me!

  2. Yeah that 30 secs in between ads were sooo annoying that I switched channel after three times. In my opinion it is deceitful trying to trick viewers into thinking the program is back on. So when you’ve settled back, TEN would go “Hahahaha gotcha, watch some more ads!”

  3. Masterchef was just plain weird last night. One minute i was watching it then ads came on, then we went back to the show for like 20s and then more ads. What is going on there? I didn’t like it last night. It has lost its spark for me. Will see how it goes in the next couple of weeks but after that i will drop it if it hasn’t improved.

  4. What with coming back to the show and then going to more ads? and the looks back to the other judges are back, people getting through on personalities not cooking talent,this show has junped the shark, bye it was good once, and people crying, they only got into the to 50! for goodness sake!, and why would you quit your job to get in the top 50?, the only good point was when they asked the young guy why not just take up an apprenticeship, because this show will get him exposed as it like most of the reality shows is about them getting on in TV land not actually about them wanting to cook fulltime i.e Dr Andrew Rochford on the first series of the block, was strange why a Doctor whould this show, we now know why.

  5. I agree JM, it’s one thing to have the entire F1 or MotoGP on TEN but to switch from HD to SD for the main race it just stupid! It reminds me of last year when several time Seven did the same thing with the V8s for several rounds because of the AFL! Too bad if you’re out and recording the race and they don’t (like last night) switch over on time.

  6. Must say I was a bit disappointed last night. I love Masterchef but it just seemed a bit too X Factor for me.

    The whole “it’s a no from me” and the over the top huddling of judges before giving the contestant their answer was just too corny for my liking.

    The biggest turn off with Masterchef for me is all of the crying. Watching a bloke bawl his eyes out just because he made the top 50 was enough for me to turn off.

    Not sure I’ll be watching this series.

  7. Will Channel TEN please move the MotoGP & F1 back to OneHD where they belong!
    Surely with those ratings a move must be on the cards.

    I want a HD picture back!! Sick of watching till 9:30 on ONE and then being told to switch channels to TEN and getting a shit picture.

  8. This is some odd ratings… Masterchef on 1.3 million? Block on 1.47million? Seven news on 1.5? Seems like the viewers dropped off from 6pm.

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