Movie Extra Webfest winner premieres

The winner of the 2011 Movie Extra Webfest competition, Event Zero, premieres on YouTube.

The winner of the 2011 Movie Extra Webfest competition, Event Zero, will premiere on today at 9am (AEST) on YouTube.

Enzo Tedeschi and Julian Harvey (The Tunnel) won a $100,000 production budget to produce the seven part webseries.

Event Zero stars Zoe Carides (Crownies, Out of the Blue), Valentino Del Toro (Gabriel, Underbelly: Infiltration), Harry Pavlidis (Gabriel, East West 101, All Saints) and Steve Davis (The Tunnel).

Event Zero tells seven interconnected stories of people caught up in an event much bigger than they are. A report comes in of a train derailment near Circular Quay. Smoke billows from the wreckage and victims pour onto the streets. As the emergency workers arrive at the chaotic scene, they realise the biggest threat is only just emerging. People without a scratch are collapsing on the ground and dying – and it is spreading. Unless someone can work out what is going on the death toll will continue to rise. This moment is Event Zero.

To view the first instalment visit www.youtube.com/mnctv from 9am (AEST).

The following six episodes will stream from Monday 11 June.

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  1. Not harsh at all….obvious that this “Event” has “Zero” interest (oops no pun intended..) from readers since I am the only person to make a comment about it….

    1. Harsh. I think you could have worded it more constructively and tell us why it didn’t connect with you rather than just slagging off. It’s too easy to do that when we are anonymous.

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