Airdate: Cobra

When the power goes out, crisis planners and senior politicians assemble under the name COBRA to protect the people of Great Britain.


Frenzied British political drama Cobra will screen on BBC First in November.

The 6 part series written by Ben Richards (The Tunnel, Outcasts) features Robert Carlyle, Victoria Hamilton & Richard Dormer.

This screened in the UK in February and was renewed for a second season.

In times of national emergency, a team comprised of Britain’s leading experts, crisis contingency planners and the most senior politicians assemble under the name COBRA to form the committee entrusted to protect the people of Great Britain.

Set in the heart of government during a major crisis, this six part series written by Ben Richards, hurls us both into the corridors of power and the eye of the storm on the ground as we follow the Prime Minister, Robert Sutherland and his Chief of Staff, Anna Marshall. Not only are they forced to contend with impossible political decisions and their ferociously pressured personal lives, they must also be mindful of political opponents who will use any sign of weakness as the opportunity to strike…

Updated: 8:30pm Wednesday November 11 on BBC First.

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  1. Robert Carlyle’s acting talents seem a bit wasted in this show, but he is one of the few reasons to watch Cobra as the story is highly contentious with its political presumptions, if the chaos was set in Europe the plot may have had more credibility.
    Production is quite good for the moderate budget, I believe there will be a season 2.

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