Nine News tops Tuesday but Seven takes the night

Updated:: Nine News wins nationally including Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane but Seven wins Tuesday.

Updated: Nine News continues its healthy performances with a rare, national win over Seven News. Was it all buoyed by the breaking news on Schapelle Corby (and if so, why did this benefit Nine?)?

It was the #1 show of the night with 1.37m viewers ahead of Seven News on 1.27m. Nine won in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane while Seven took honours in Adelaide and Perth.

A Current Affair (1.18m) also defeated Today Tonight (1.12m) nationally with wins also in Sydney, Melbourne and Brissy.

But it was Seven which won the night overall with its line-up including Packed to the Rafters (1.24m), Once Upon a Time (1.16m), Home and Away (924,000), Deal or No Deal (660,000), Missing (621,000 / 491,000) and The Price is Right (347,000).

Nine’s other performers included The Big Bang Theory (1.27m / 955,000), The Block (1.26m), 2 Broke Girls (779,000 / 711,000), Hot Seat (695,000) and Survivor (351,000 / 239,000).

Modern Family was best for TEN on 1.03m. Masterchef was 1.03m, Bikie Wars was 905,000, TEN News was 822,000 and The Project 6:00pm was 517,000.

ABC News was 953,000 for ABC1 then Foreign Correspondent (673,000), 7:30 (656,000), Agatha Christie’s Poirot (650,000).

Who Do You Think You Are? was 258,000 on SBS ONE, Insight was 207,000 and World News Australia was 164,000.

Neighbours was 338,000 on ELEVEN.

Tuesday 22 May 2012

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  1. @ dave – it’s one of my favourite game shows as well and i loved it on nine. I also like larry so was looking forward to this but after reading what everyone was saying about it i didn’t bother. Cheap and tacky,no contestants row and so on. Trust seven to stuff up a classic game show format that goes back to 1956 in the US. Ah well im planning on buying the best of tpir can’t wait to see those glorious 70’s episodes!!

  2. I think the Schapelle Corby story helped NEWS outlets all over… 822k is the best figure TEN NEWS have gotten all year I think.

    And it’s fantastic that Modern Family is back to ratings it deserves. It always did best on a Tuesday following MC… TEN finally remembered what works. They should remove it from Super Sunday and put in Last Man Standing instead.

    Lastly, I think we can expect a big drop for OUAT from now on. The promo for next week’s ep looked so boring

  3. Glad Once is still above 1m. I hope it stays above because from what i have heard from my US friends the early few episodes are hit and miss and then they tell me around episode 6 it starts to really pick up and i trust the judgement because i have been keeping an eye on the ratings without seeing it and notice the ratings were pretty darn good.

    Modern Family should have always been in the 8pm timeslot on Tuesday. TEN are morons they really are. New Girl should have took Mondays at 8pm, Modern Family Tuesdays at 8pm, Bondi Rescue Wednesdays at 8pm and Glee 7:30pm Thursdays. However TEN stuffed that up big time.

  4. I’m glad Once Upon a Time is getting over 1 million viewers.

    I’ll also admit I would of watched Terminator if they had of aired it tonight on Ch 99 i.e. Wednesday (that’s not a request to repeat it this year ) . As they aren’t putting on Fringe on Wednesdays I wish they’d put popular sci-fi or genre films on if that’s what they want on the night i.e. films . Unless they have something else up their sleeve. I’ll also admit I’ve heard on their Facebook site that they have a Fringe ad. I’ve been flicking over trying to catch it. Still haven’t yet. I hope I can soon.

  5. Media Watch last night started with the whole war between 7 & 9 over their reality shows, ACA is a grubby little show and Tracy deserves much better.

    I was surprised that TBBT won it’s time slot give the lower ratings its been getting, now for 4-5 months of nothing but re-runs of the show on Nine.

  6. @Bella: no, the first figure for Big Bang Theory (1.27 million) was for the new episode with the wedding. It beat Packed to the Rafters and Bikie Wars in the timeslot. The repeat before that got 955,000.

  7. i stopped watching 7 news after they started putting on the tackiest prizes is right. They have ruined what was my favourite game show of all time with a cheap and nasty Big W advertorial. If the prizes are better and they had better showcases and didnt play the same games all the time id watch for sure but have been disappointed with what Ive seen to say the least. All people ever win is a $50 big w voucher

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