Origin, The Voice gives Nine edge over Seven.

A record State of Origin audience has helped Nine win the weekly ratings, now bagging 5 of the last 6 weeks.

A record State of Origin audience, together with The Voice, has helped Nine win the weekly ratings, now bagging 5 of the last 6 weeks.

Nine Network was 30.9% then Seven 28.6%, TEN 19.0%, ABC 15.9% and SBS 5.6%.

Thanks to strategic coding of its shows, Nine had 6 of the week’s Top 10 titles, with State of Origin match at a huge 2.51m viewers. The Voice was 1.93m, its lowest so far but still #2 for the week. The Block was #3, up to 1.68m for Sunday’s room reveal episode. Elsewhere it was Nine News (Sun: 1.44m, weeknights 1.25m), The Big Bang Theory (1.27m) and A Current Affair (1.14m) which beat Today Tonight for the week.

On Seven it was Seven News (Sun: 1.61m, weeknights 1.31m), Downton Abbey (1.52m), Revenge (1.35m),  Packed to the Rafters (1.24m), Dancing with the Stars (1.23m), Once Upon a Time (1.16m) and Today Tonight (1.13m).

MasterChef‘s Sunday episode (1.33m) was the strongest for TEN with other brands being Modern Family (1.03m), Bikie Wars (903,000), TEN News (762,000), Offspring (722,000) and New Girl (665,000).

New Tricks (1.18m) was best for ABC1 then The Diamond Queen (969,000), ABC News (Sun: 954,000, weeknights; 950,000),  Silent Witness (756,000), Australian Story (697,000), Foreign Correspondent (670,000) and Shaun Micallef’s Mad as Hell (664,000).

Eurovision Song Contest (SF1: 438,000, SF2: 412,000) topped SBS ONE, then Secret Cities of the Amazon (306,000), Heston’s Feasts (281,000), Wildest India (279,000) and Extreme Frontiers: Canada (259,000).

Nine’s primary channel was 24.4% followed by Seven 21.8%, TEN 13.5%, ABC1 12.0%, SBS ONE 4.8%.

GO! led multichannels with 3.9% followed by 7TWO 3.8%, ELEVEN 3.1%, 7mate 3.0%, ABC2 and Gem both 2.5%, ONE 2.4%,  ABC News 24 and SBS TWO both 0.8% and ABC3 0.6%.

Nine won key demos 16-39, 18-49 and 25-54.

Seven won Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Nine took Monday and Wednesday. ABC defeated TEN on Friday and Saturday.

Seven was victorious in Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth while Nine owned Sydney and Brisbane.

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  1. I’ve figured out that in network shares, Nine still needs to make up 37% to win back the year. All Nine needs is for The Voice and State of Origin to run almost every week until the end of the year. They wish.

  2. Its a good win for Nine and deservingly so with those figures but it will be their last until the next time State of Origin airs. The fact it was only a couple of a % in the end proves Nine are running short of content again. This week will be the week that shows how weak their schedule is. Also Eurovision should make things interesting tonight. It has been polling really well so far and i must say its a joy to watch. I love Sweden and thanks to TV Tonight i can visit here and not find out any results. I will be recording Downton Abbey tonight so i can watch Eurovision. I have blocked Facebook and Twitter on my internet settings for today only as i don’t want to know who wins until i watch it. Its hard and yes i am having social network withdrawals but i have done it before and so will do it again.

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