Returning: Bob’s Burgers

Animated US series Bob’s Burgers returns to ELEVEN next month.

This is the second season which premiered in the US in March.

It will replace The Cleveland Show.

“The Belchies”
The kids explore an abandoned taffy factory to find treasure, but it happens to be on the day of the demolition. Bob and Linda must rescue the kids before it’s too late.

10pm Wednesday June 13.


  1. don’t know why they waited, they could have fast tracked this. it could have gone in a earlier Futurama timeslot, hardly a animation fixation with only 3 shows when they have the rights to more.

  2. TVFreakSaxy

    So Bob’s Burger’s is replacing Cleveland Show so what’s replacing new Simpsons? Either repeats (aren’t there enough on already?), Allen Gregory or King of the Hill.

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