ELEVEN finales

A number of first run episodes are reaching season finales on ELEVEN.


8:30pm Monday May 28: Supernatural

7:30pm Wednesday May 30: The Simpsons

9:30pm Monday June 4: Being Human

10pm Wednesday June 6: The Cleveland Show

Still continuing with new episodes are Rules of Engagement, The Office, Nurse Jackie, Snog Marry Avoid and New Zealand’s Next Top Model.

Fashion Star will replace Supernatural.


  1. I really think Eleven should try screening the NZ series The Almighty Johnsons – it’s a perfect fit for the channel! As well as the first season already screened on Ten, there are another 13 eps in season 2.

  2. Fashion Star will replace Supernatural, why not Dollhouse instead?! if your gonna use the thursday night sci-fi slot why not the free monday slot now, we have 4-5 months before Supernatural returns. wonder whats gonna replace Being Human?

  3. “8:30pm Monday May 27: Supernatural”
    You mean May 28th. Since the 28th is a Monday and Supernatural is on before Being Human.

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