TEN Newsnight reverts name to TEN Late News

TEN has switched the title of its upcoming Hamish Macdonald project from TEN Newsnight back to TEN Late News.

TEN advises TEN Newsnight was a working title used to meet early print deadlines but despite reverting to TEN Late News, which was axed in 2011, it is proceeding with a fresh approach to editorial.

Macdonald will host the mix of news, live interviews, entertainment, social media and Sports Tonight from June 4th.

A spokesperson told TV Tonight the return to the TEN Late News would get the message across more effectively: “Because it is simple and it tells people when the program is on. The same simple message as the TEN News At Five and Breakfast brands.”

Updated: The Australian reports Nine owned the name Newsnight and a rights issue is behind the name switch.


  1. yeh i agree that the newsnight name sounded much better than Ten Late News, still they can at least find another name
    This show does sound pretty good and it has a lot of content particularly musical performances, but it should focus more on interviews
    And hamish is a good guy so lets hope it gets the numbers up for network ten a bit more

  2. Nooooo Ten Late News is Sandra Sully’s legacy and shouldnt be tarnished. Come up with something else if Newsnight is trademarked already.

  3. Just checking out Hamish’s photo…what is it with TEN male personalities and the fact they are not clean shaven…the Project’s Charlie Pickering has the same look
    Not a big issue I know but can’t they get the razor out ? Or am I just out of the male fashion stakes these days ?

  4. Well done TEN. Stuffing around with this show already. A new name would be much better for a new show. While i am at it, i wish SBS would go back to 9.30 pm with their news. I use to watch it all the time but have never since.

  5. @Dean – “they have even been running promos attacking the other networks for their unpredictable start times for late news.” What other FTA channels have a late news? 7, 9, 10? SBS is always on time at 10:30, as is Lateline +/- 5 mins.
    “Newsnight” was used decades ago by 7.
    As for “it tells people when the program is on.” – yeah, well, “late”? Supposedly 10:30 but maybe 11 with all of the earlier overruns?

  6. Pity. There goes a great opportunity to bring in new viewers. There’s a risk now that a lot of people will think it’s just the regular late night news. Young people get news from the internet. Why would they tune in if it’s just the late news?

  7. Maybe Sky News got upset seeing as they already have a show called Newsnight – it’s been on at 10 with Sharon McKenzie for a while now – they have even been running promos attacking the other networks for their unpredictable start times for late news.

  8. steve sydney

    Wait… he’ll be hosting Sports Tonight as well? Hard to believe. Will it be ‘live’?

    Interesting to see who’ll fill in for him when he’s on leave/assignment… George Negus perhaps?

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