The Block on top

The Block's Room Reveal episode hits a big fat 1.67m viewers, its best for 2012 and higher than the return for Downton Abbey.

Hands up all those who thought Downton Abbey would finish as the top show for Sunday night?

But it turned out to be The Block with a Room Reveal episode hitting a big fat 1.67m viewers -its best so far this year. The question for Seven is whether it waited too long to screen Downton and devoted fans had swooped upon DVDs of the second season from the UK. It may now need to look much harder at options to run Season Three after the Olympics.

At least for Seven it won the night. Seven News was its best with 1.61m viewers, followed by Downton Abbey on 1.53m, then Dancing with the Stars on 1.23m.

Nine’s other performers were Nine News (1.44m), 60 Minutes (1.11m), The Mentalist (814,000) and Unforgettable (519,000).

MasterChef won its slot for TEN on 1.33m, Modern Family was 865,000, New Girl was 665,000, Touch was 602,000, TEN News was 449,000 and The Project was 351,000.

The Diamond Queen led ABC1 (968,000) followed by ABC News (954,000), Midsomer Murders (620,000), Compass (345,000) and Auction Room (235,000).

Secret Cities of the Amazon was 306,000 for SBS ONE with Prophets of Science Fiction on 230,000 and World News Australia on 223,000.

Big Bang on GO! led multichannels with 285,000.

Sunday May 20 2012

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  1. I agree some of the loss for Downton Abbey is due to Seven holding one to the 2nd series for 8 months, so much for fast tracking. Many would have got it for Christmas last year.

    Good to see MasterChef winning it’s time slot, I only hope the numbers rise as the season goes on.

  2. Wow and here I was thinking blogs were opinions of the blogger…my bad!! This blog is probably less biased than most of the ‘official’ media in this country. Well done David keep up the news/commentary.

  3. After following this blog for 2 years now I firmly believe it contains unbiased reports of all mainstream (and often niche) programmes on all TV outlets.

    Now, if I could only rely on David to send me an e-mail whenever 9 looks like shoving in unannounced episodes of Person of Interest and/or CSI, I’d be a happy little chappie…

  4. I having a very strong feeling that Ch 7 is the favourite of this web blog now…all stories seem to slant towards a favorite light on 7 and the others cop a bagging…maybe not so in this above blog…but in alot of other blogs… i think stick to the reporting of Stories David and leave the commentary to those who wish to leave comment…and please still know Im a fan…Ive just been watching alot lately and not commenting as much

    1. Camo: you’re assuming any one network is “the favourite of this web blog.” But I will add this to those who reckon I love / hate: Nine, TEN, ABC, SBS and Foxtel. Having published commentary since 2007 I have no plans to drop it anytime soon, sorry. People’s Choice win would seem to suggest the mix is working pretty well.

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