The Winner Is -next big thing in talent shows?

Let’s face it, The Voice has been a game-changer this year.

Australia has fallen for that simple concept of blind auditions and swinging chairs. Suddenly Australia’s Got Talent, which was booming last year, looks a little pallid in comparison. And Dancing with the Stars is arguably clinging on by its fingernails.

So what’s next in the genre?

There’s The Voice: Kids which creator John de Mol says was a big success in Holland. The BBC is considering it for Britain, but the difference is The Voice hasn’t enjoyed the success there that it has here. Over there Britain’s Got Talent and The X Factor still dominate.

ACA will tonight feature a story on The Voice: Kids (because it hasn’t done a story about The Voice security guards or cleaners just yet, but it’s probably coming).

The BBC is also piloting John de Mol’s gameshow-meets-talent-show format The Winner Is  and so is NBC.

This format features contestants of all ages fighting for a $1 million prize in the US version.

Like The Voice it also includes head-to-head battles, but before the results are revealed singers will be able to negotiate deals with their opponents, choosing to exit the show in exchange for a predetermined cash prize or continue on. The money or the career move it seems…

The amount of money each duel is worth will increase with every round, right up until the Finale.

In the Finale, eight acts will duel and negotiate. After their performances, each contestant will have the chance to walk away with $100,000 — or they can leave it on the table and await the jury vote and votes from viewers, giving them a shot at the $1 million prize.

So is the race now on to nab the rights for Australia? Can Seven really rely on Dancing, AGT and X Factor for 2013 (none have been confirmed yet) -or will it need to make a switch to a new big brand to take on The Voice -and if so, might this be one they are eyeing off?

Source: TV Line
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  1. Another singing contest? First Duets on ABC and now The Winner is…. I have heard of The Voice: Kids and it was very popular in Holland and well if Nine has the franchise i am sure they will use it. However do we need any more singing contests? Seriously? I mean we have The Voice, Talent and X Factor and they want to add 2 more? Overkill is what this is. We will run out of talent at this rate.

  2. The Voice: Kids sounds like Junior Masterchef. Would be a huge hit with the premiere episode, but would go the way of Young Talent Time towards the end

  3. Channel Ten should get this show just because they don’t have a talent show at the moment, but I don’t think they would make this a juggernaut.

  4. daveinprogress

    I am enjoying The Voice, but the way that contestants are knocked out as such a rate, and the fact that not every one performs every week, and the show is a shorter run, makes it an odd one to feel connected to. American Idol and X Factor allow an opportunity for audiences to ghet to know the contestants – frankly i get confused as to who is with which coach and when they perform. The fact that it will be gone in a matter of weeks – the format, although different, is way too upbeat (little or no criticism) and fast. I hope that Rachael or Karise or Fatai win. I want to see and hear more!

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