Breakfast TV still a two-horse race

Ratings: Just 1,000 viewers split Sunrise and Today yesterday, with ABC and TEN a long way behind.

Just 1,000 viewers split Sunrise and Today yesterday as the battle for morning viewers continues as a two-horse race.

Sunrise averaged 340,000 and Today 339,000. Seven’s show won Brissy, Adelaide and Perth while Nine’s won Sydney and Melbourne. But Sunrise has won nationally every day this week including with some sizeable wins.

Meanwhile ABC News Breakfast averaged 44,000 on ABC1 and 30,000 for its ABC News 24 simulcast. TEN’s Breakfast continues to struggle with just 30,000 yesterday. It’s hard to argue that there is a two horse race for 3rd and fourth when ABC is on two channels, but TEN’s show is still failing to demonstrate any traction from word of mouth.

Meanwhile in primetime Nine won Thursday night.

The Block averaged 1.39m for Nine followed by Hamish & Andy’s Euro Gap Year (1.36m), Nine News (1.21m), ACA (1.09m), Big Bang (766,000), The Footy Show (737,000), and Hot Seat (692,000).

Seven News (1.26m) was best for Seven then Today Tonight (1.05m), Home and Away (798,000), Grey’s Anatomy (624,000), Deal or No Deal (595,000), Better Homes & Gardens (500,000 in 3 cities), Desperate Housewives (387,000) and in two cities The Force (380,000) and Border Security (345,000).

MasterChef again topped TEN with 1.1m but it was harder elsewhere across the network. TEN News was 723,000 and Modern Family was 712,000. TEN merged together its numbers for Before the Game and The Game Plan as “Thursday Night Football” totalling 499,000 (on ONE the late replays totalled 35,000 in 4 cities). The Project 6pm was 423,000 and Law and Order: SVU was 400,000.

ABC News (879,000) again led for ABC1 then Silk (604,000), 7:30 (580,000), Divorce: Aussie Islamic Way (480,000) and Photo Finish (445,000).

Heston’s Feasts (445,000) topped SBS ONE then Island Feast with Peter Kuruvita (236,000), French Food Safari (218,000).

Neighbours was 315,000 on ELEVEN.

Thursday 21 June 2012

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  1. Pretty bad for Ten Breakfast when News Breakfast on HD only ABC News 24 out rates it.

    Troubling there has been no growth at all. It;s stuck in the 25k-35k range – which really is the difference between 2 people meters.

  2. I have to admit I’ve never seen a single ad for Breakfast since it has started. I think Ten wants to smooth the format out before it starts trying to get more viewers. Will suffer in the short term but long term ratings can only go up from here.

    Less Henry and more Rochford during each episode would be appeciated. And more Mag’s as well!

  3. Those are the ratings I’d expect for ABC Breakfast but I wish they could be a bit more like the BBC one. Ten Breakfast has been one of the worst shows I’ve ever seen. It should end asap and put everyone out of their misery.

  4. Have to agree with others.
    I almost forgot Ten has a breakfast show.
    If I wanted news at breakfast has to be ABCNews24
    News,opinions,sport & weather without the fluff and endless cross promotions.

  5. I’m not normally a morning TV type but since I’ve been on holidays (in the middle of winter) I have tried to give the breakfast shows some attention. I have to say I’m not missing much. Cannot cope with Karl’s forced laughter. Paul Henry has reminded me why I rarely watch 10 these days. I can tolerate Sunrise except for those annoying people on the street in the background on their iphones saying “look mum I’m on tele, oh you can’t see me? I’ll wave my arms about.”

  6. @Jennome – Totally agree. With the “latest technology” then being 2″ VTRs that could edit. Wow! But the promos and scheduling were far superior to the drivel now. TEN seems to promote the same two shows over & over & over & over…..
    And for ABC24, if the Aust.Net audience was included….but it is the one we watch/listen to in our house now too.

  7. “Breakfast TV still a two-horse race”
    Here’s a challenge for you, David. See how many oblique references to Black Caviar you can sneak into your articles in the lead-up!

  8. I’m so proud of my fellow ‘strayans for upending the nightsoil bucket on P. Henry.
    It appears that despite much evidence to the contrary, Australian TV viewers still have some standards.

  9. Desperate Housewives does not air in Adelaide until 10.30pm, well 10.38pm really. They certainly wont get a high audience at that time. Its PVR viewings may increase, but this is a terrible way to finish of what was one of Sevens biggest shows since 2005 until it dropped around 2010. Going by what I read on the EPG last night, there are only around 4 episodes left. If I were Seven, I’d advertise the hell out of the final two episodes and show it as a double as they did in the US at 8.30pm. Nostalgia may boost the ratings.

  10. TEN’s got a breakfast show? Who knew? Ditto Hamish McDonald and his late news program. I watch TEN quite a lot (Waaaay out of their demographic!) and apart from a passing reference or quick cross promotion, these programs might as well not exist. Their station breaks are obsessed with Modern Family and New Girl (can anyone understand anything she says?).

    TEN’s promo department is worse than when I was there when the station first began, and they had no technology then!

  11. Gotta be worrying when ABC News Breakfast can beat Ten’s Breakfast just on ABC News 24 figures.

    I watch ABC News Breakfast because they actually give news and aren’t annoying morons.
    I would have given Ten Breakfast a go, but the moment they announced Paul Henry killed any chance I had of watching. Think it ruined their chances of any sort of viewers cos those numbers are horrible. Your own fault Ten.

  12. Having watched TEN late News this week I can say the format they have for ‘Late’ could very well work for ‘Breakfast’

    Do away with the nasty, cheap set and focus more on News, Sport and Entertainment.. like the others do I guess. Oh and Paul Henry adds nothing except a tongue in cheek comment every now and then. It is very boring…

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