Four Corners exposes people smugglers living in Canberra

Four Corners last night broke a major story that people smugglers are residing in Canberra under refugee visas.

Four Corners claims at least six people smugglers have come to Australia by boat, won refugee status and were released from detention to cities across Australia.

Some of them went on to set up lucrative people-smuggling deals from inside Australia.

The ABC named several men, including some connected with a vessel which disappeared at sea with 97 people in 2010, as fraudulently obtaining refugee status and operating people smuggling rings from inside Australia. It claimed the government has provided their families with public housing.

Sarah Ferguson, who also broke the story on the treatment of cattle in Indonesia, attempted to confront a man supervising shopping trolleys, who is alleged to head up a people smuggling racket.

You can read more on the story at ABC Online.


  1. Hmmm, weren’t we complaining that Four Corners was pinching programs from Youtube not so long ago? I’d happily see 4C do that if it meant more programs like last night.

  2. Secret Squirrel

    Guys, don’t even mention those two unworthy 6:30 pieces of garbage here. They’re not just not in the same class as Four Corners, they’re not even playing the same game. Thoroughly expect both of them to “break” this story to their clueless and illiterate viewers in a few days time, if they can squeeze it in amongst the stories on wonder diets, speed cameras, copypasta celeb tosh, and advertorials for struggling businesses like Coles and Woolworths.

  3. I agree this is what real journalism looks like, and it puts to shame the nightly dribble on ACA and TT, not to mention 60 Min.

    Noticed on some of the TENs morning show today they were talking about it. Wonder if the commercial channels will have an ‘exclusive’ on the story… yes I watched Media Watch as well.

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