Foxtel shelves Got to Dance

Foxtel will not proceed with Got To Dance because TEN has Everybody Dance Now.

As tipped by TV Tonight, Foxtel has abandoned plans for a local dance reality series, Got to Dance.

A Foxtel spokesperson said, “Foxtel will not proceed with the production of Got To Dance as planned due to a scheduling conflict with a dance series on another network. It is regretful for all concerned but inevitable when such a clash occurs.”

That production is TEN’s upcoming Everybody Dance Now which will also feature dancers of all ages.

Foxtel’s series was originally due to air in 2011, announced well before TEN’s series.

Host Andrew Gunsberg told TV Tonight, “I completely understand why Got to Dance isn’t going ahead. I have a really great relationship with Brian Walsh at Foxtel, and he and I are actively looking for further projects that we can both work on.

“It’s unfortunate this didn’t happen but I’ve been working in this industry long enough to know that sometimes this is how it works.”

Gunsberg is set to appear in ABC’s upcoming Photo Finish series.

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