Jane Gazzo switching from Channel [V] to MAX

Channel [V] presenter Jane Gazzo is leaving the channel to join sister music channel MAX, part of XYZNetworks.

“After five incredible years at Channel [V], I am truly delighted to accept this wonderful new role at MAX and am looking forward to the year ahead. MAX has long reigned on the Foxtel platform as the home of credible music, artists and musicians and has a wealth of entertaining and informative local and international productions. I love what MAX stands for and can’t wait to be part of the MAX family,” she said.

Gazzo will co-host a range of programs for the channel including MAX Recommends from the end of July.

Meanwhile Channel [V] has narrowed its Presenter Search down to four candidates: Bridget Hustwaite from Ballarat, Charlie Cotton from Melbourne, Gus Kell from Sydney and Marty Smiley from Melbourne.

All 4 face more challenges at the 10th Annual ASTRA Awards on Thursday evening. The winner will be announced on Saturday 30 June at 10.30am (AEST).


  1. And when I tweeted Danny, who was celebrating a birthday, that he’d best watch out because with each year, the chances of going off to MAX increase, I’m the cruel one.

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