Returning: Kitchen Nightmares USA

Kitchen Nightmares USA is returning to Tuesday nights on Nine.

Bad Mr. Ramsay is back for his fourth season from 11pm Tuesday June 19th.

In the fourth-season opener, Chef Ramsay visits Spanish Pavillion in Harrison, NJ, a family-run business established in 1976 whose owners, brothers Michael and Jerry, have allowed their differences to compromise the quality of the restaurant.

This means Survivor will broadcast as just 1 episode rather than 2 at 10pm, pushing back the finale even further away from its original US broadcast. Just sayin’….


  1. The UK version is the best one of the lot.I have seen the American One and It’s not the same.For something new why not do an Asian One of some sort.
    Don’t totally agree with the 11pm timing though It’s on too late for those of us who have school or work in the morning the following day but for those of us who work from 2 pm onwards to 10pm it’s good though.

  2. honestly who cares for survivor.I do remember just over a decade ago Nine ditching their Changing Rooms/Airport/Airline Shows each week for it and it wasn’t the same.

  3. I liked the uk version of kitchen nightmares but the problem with the American version is that it is to over the top they should do an Australian version

  4. Place your bets… will Survivor:One World be finished in Australia before Survivor:Philippines starts in USA (Sept ’12)?
    Remember there is Olympics in the way… it’ll be a close thing I reckon.

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