Behind the scenes rumours nag Breakfast

Media speculation today questions behind-the-scenes friction on the set of TEN's Breakfast led to Andrew Rochford exiting the ailing show.

Media speculation today questions behind-the-scenes friction on the set of TEN’s Breakfast led to Andrew Rochford exiting the ailing show.

An unnamed source tells the Sunday Telegraph, “Paul (Henry) and Andrew couldn’t stand being in the same room as each other, which is part of the reason Andrew moved from being on the couch with Paul and Kathryn (Robinson) to roaming around the building and then leaving.”

“It is an absolute disaster,” said one source close to the production. “I’ve heard pretty much everyone on the show is looking for another job.”

Both Rochford and producer Majella Weimers have exited the show, with TEN confirming Weimers had resigned. She was replaced by her deputy Sarah Bristow, who has worked with co-host Paul Henry in New Zealand.

Aside from an occasional spike in numbers, such as last Monday’s 45,000 viewers, ratings haven’t yet improved.

TV Tonight has also heard suggestions that staff have been trying to switch to other programmes such as TEN Late News.

Rochford remains well-regarded within TEN, returning to The Project. He was the first to be cast on the show, critically there for the network when it announced the show at its 2012 programming launch last August.

Henry recently told Mumbrella, “Where do I begin? You want everybody to be on the same page at the same time. If it is truly going to evolve properly it will take a long time to get to its best. It’s a long, long way from its best now.”

TEN declined an interview request with Paul Henry by TV Tonight.

A spokeswoman for TEN told the Sunday Telegraph: “As we have said many, many times, we are committed to Breakfast.”

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  1. I do actually like this show, because it is different to the very similar Sunrise and today, I do agree that there is no chemistry with the cast, especially Magdelena who seems quite offput by Paul

  2. Relaunch

    Change the name to something original, less generic and with more Ten ‘attitude’. 80,000 people already watch a show called Breakfast on ABC1/ABC24

    Change the format. Soft chat and news from a sofa is done already and done well by Today and Sunrise. Be different.

    Keep Mags – get rid of Paul – people hate him. And Kath who? ZZZZZZZZZ

  3. I agree with both markstar and Mac….either option would be preferable to what is on now….
    I do not really like any of the brekky shows right now….I watch ABC24 quite a lot but not their Breakfast or Afternoon shows…I do like Al Jazeera English and The Hub late at night on 24.

  4. Any other show on any other Network would not survive with these figures. Makes you wonder why. I think Murdochs pride has got in the way. Until he realises Australia does not want a right wing network this show will stay a dogs breakfast.

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