Once Upon a Time, Body of Proof, Fairly Legal, 30 Rock update.

Seven is tweaking its schedule through the Olympics period, ramping up the female-skewed content.

Seven is tweaking its schedule through the Olympics period, and is ramping up the female-skewed content for those who may not be interested in Sport.

Once Upon a Time will air twice a week from Sunday, at 7:30pm Sunday and Tuesday.

Body of Proof will move to 10pm next Monday night, following the debut of Up All Night.

Fairly Legal will air twice a week at 11pm Monday and 10:30pm Tuesday.

30 Rock is out next week but resumes on July 30th.

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  1. As much as i love Once and Downton, I enjoy watching them in our colder months. I know we had to wait a long time for them but I don’t really want them fast tracked in our spring when we start day light savings.

  2. Thankyou thankyou Seven. My favourite show of the season along with Revenge and Downton is now twice a week 🙂 If Seven keeps it up they will be in time for season 2. I really hope it can build for Seven.

    Also what people need to remember is yes its rating around 900k but its picking up an extra 150-200k a week and final figures are on average around 1.1m according to OzTam’s figures, which are final.

  3. As a viewer I was fine with Once Upon a Time being only on Tuesday. I hope there is no clash with Doctor Who. Of course the ABC might put it on Saturday. But I’ve been loyal for just over 30 years. That won’t change as far as I can tell. But I guess time will tell what happens with either show. I may be worrying for nothing. Although I don’t mind seeing some of the second season this year. But I can wait for shows. OK except Doctor Who.

  4. @Pete
    I think you’re right and also as mentioned above because of the Olympics.But it always worrys me a little,when they change something for one reason and then who knows where it will go from there!

  5. @Stevie g

    I think OUAT has held well in the ratings and the two eps a week is only so that Seven can catch up on Season 1 as they took so long to show it. That way, they should be right on track to start Season 2 fast tracked from the US.

  6. @Stevie G.I actually thought the same thing too.I thought i hope its not a sign of things to come.I commented on this recently,hoping it doesnt end up in some obscure,late timeslot.

  7. Yes, I agree with Kats. Once and Downton are the 2 shows i most look forward too each week. But with seven airing it twice a week, is that a a bad sign? Is it not rating high enough?

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