Returning: RSPCA Animal Rescue. Once Upon a Time update.

I can only imagine that Seven has been sitting on episodes of RSPCA Animal Rescue for some time...

I can only imagine that Seven has been sitting on episodes of RSPCA Animal Rescue for some time, given the recent fallout of The Wiggles casting….

It was after all Anthony Field

So it makes sense to run these episodes when the Olympics are on.

The RSPCA help rescue more than twenty dogs caught inside a burning house and take them to the shelter for treatment. The dogs’ owner Jane collapsed trying to save her dogs and is rushed to hospital. The RSPCA raids a rural Queensland property and discovers five neglected dogs living at what turns out to be a marijuana plantation. Police join the RSPCA in pursuing the owner for questioning.

It airs in a double episode from 7:30pm Wednesday August 1st.

Meanwhile Once Upon a Time airs at 7:30pm Sunday, Monday and Tuesday next week.

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  1. I hope they aren’t burning the show off. I haven’t watched the show by other means. But I’ll admit I’m not happy about the Sunday and Monday episodes. I don’t know if I’ll watch the Monday show because I like Mythbusters. As I’ve mentioned before I was happy with the Tuesday episodes. I really hope they don’t destroy that.

  2. This is what i was worried about with OUAT.Its currently one of my favourite shows and once they start playing with the scheduling,who knows where it will end up.Then its all down hill from there.Although im not very ratings savvy,i thought it was doing ok when it was on once a week,but now its just going to get all messed up.

  3. Because most real fans of OUAT have already seen it, most likely. I’ve been watching it on TV but all my friends who had interest in the show downloaded it all long ago. Until networks in Australia realise this, actually really really realise that popular US shows have been seen by most really interested people already by the time it hits TVs here, they’ll continue to be disappointed by the ratings.

  4. As I noted yesterday OUAT is not rating as well as fans of the series would hope. On Sunday night it only pulled around 900k compared to Billy Connolly’s Route 66 which pulled 1.23m the week before. I’m not surprised they’re burning it off

    lol @ the guy from the Wiggles narrating this factual, no surprise Seven’s held it off for this long in the wake of Wigglegate 2012

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