Seven, TEN score as Nine slips further

Ratings: Nine slipped even further in the ratings last night, falling below 20% in network shares.

Nine slipped even further in the ratings last night with numbers for The Voice US down to 529,000. Nine has three more outings of the show on its primary channel unless it opts to move it to GO! next Monday.

Network numbers weren’t helped by soft figures for 6:30 shows on both Nine and Seven last night.

Seven won the night with 30.2% to TEN’s 26.1% and Nine’s 19.8%. ABC was 15.7% and SBS 8.1%. TEN has inched in front of Nine for the week thus far….

Seven News was best for Seven on 1.21m then Australia’s Got Talent (1.1m), Mrs Brown’s Boys (1.03m), Today Tonight (988,000), Home & Away (965,000) and Deal or No Deal (574,000).

MasterChef Australia was again #1 with 1.42m viewers for TEN but the next best, TEN News, was a long way behind on 687,000. Iron Man 2 was 593,000 and The Project 6pm was 427,000.

Nine News was 1.18m for Nine but ACA was 897,000. Hot Seat held at 652,000 but The Voice US fell to 529,000, The Mentalist was 450,000 Tricky Business was 291,000 and  RPA was 152,000.

ABC News (934,000) led ABC1 followed by 7:30 (637,000), Myf Warhurst’s Nice (483,000), Randling (382,000), Qi (362,000) and At the Movies (320,000).

Tour de France hit 301,000 for SBS ONE then Wildest Africa (235,000) and Bear Grylls’ Wild Weekend (225,000).

Neighbours topped multichannels with 292,000.

Sunrise: 332,000
Today: 319,000
ABC News Breakfast: 58,000 / 29,000
Breakfast: 31,000

Wednesday 18 July 2012

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  1. If Sunrise’s ratings for the Dustin Beaver special were disappointing it’s probably because almost their entire audience was down at Circular Quay to watch him on their iPhones.

    Nine? Ha! They should run those old “Still the One” promos. I’d switch channels just for them!

  2. @kitkat exactly right RPA Was one of nines longest running shows lasting 17 years and what dose nine do for the final episode they put it on at the graveyard hour of 11pm absolutely disgusting treatment for a show that ran for 17 years and for most of those 17 years it was one if nines flagship show pathetic channel 9 absolutely pathetic

    Sorry about the long post David I was just really annoyed at nines treatment of RPA

  3. They will probably move The Voice (US) to Go! during/after the Olympics and it won’t return to Nine. I think they have overdone The Voice quite a fair bit recently and this was shown with Voices Reaching Out not working very well.

    The programming department at Nine is seriously hopeless! Nine actually have some great shows but they play them at the wrong times of the year, on wrong nights/times, then they change it all mid-season, etc.

    On another note, wasn’t this the day that Justin Bieber was on sunrise? Not very good numbers for such a massive exclusive event (13,000 above Today). And considering the investment they put in, it’s not a good outcome. Clearly, people have now moved on from Bieber.

  4. Move it Nine.At this rate with these figures for Voice US in between all those upcoming new reality TV Shows I wouldn’t be surprised if some late seventies to mid nineties sitcoms of any sort take over as their staple at 7pm.It could be worse though we could instead be subjected to Eddie Everywhere’s Hot Seat at that hour and they put Bugs Bunny Cartoons on between 5 and 6pm as a news lead in.

  5. Why didn’t Nine run some new programs in these three weeks before the Olympics like the Howzat mini-series. They seem to be saving everything for later in the year and will again have too many eggs in one basket.

  6. Who is the bloke doing impressions of James Bond villain Blofeld?

    8 more days of drab ratings for ch9 and then they should boom….after that who knows……they are sinking at the moment, but is it worth messing around with the Olympics so close?

  7. I didn’t watch The Voice AUS, the commercials and recaps put me off ever wanting to see it.
    I tried watching a bit of the US version last year on GO! but the judges are all terrible. Cee-Lo Green sits there like an idiot hiding behind those massive glasses. If you are going to judge someone, at least give them eye contact. Adam Levine is so up himself these days, Christina is annoying and then there’s the other guy… yep the other guy who no one has ever heard of which is why I don’t know his name.

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