Seven wins the week by 0.1%

For the second time in a month Seven Network has won the week in Total People by just 0.1% over Nine.

For the second time in a month Seven Network has won the week in Total People by just 0.1% over Nine.

Seven Network was 28.7% to Nine 28.6%, TEN 20.3%, ABC 17.0% and SBS 5.4%.

Seven was in front all week but a Saturday win by Nine brought it within a whisker of snatching glory, thanks to GO!’s 8.0% performance with the movies Oceans Thirteen, Demolition Man and a repeat of Hamish & Andy.

But Nine’s primary channel won last week with 21.7% to Seven 21.2%, TEN 14.5%, ABC1 12.5% and SBS ONE 4.5%.

Nine again won the key demos, with TEN in second place for 16-39.

Downton Abbey was best for Seven with 1.47m then Seven News (Sun: 1.43m, weeknights: 1.3m), Revenge 1.32m, Billy Connolly’s Route 66 (1.25m), Sunday Night (1.19m) and Today Tonight (1.08m).

The Block again topped the week with its best episode at 1.96m for Nine followed by Nine News (Sun: 1.56m, weeknights: 1.25m), 60 Minutes (1.42m), Hamish & Andy’s Euro Gap Year (1.4m), A Current Affair (1.13m) and The Big Bang Theory (highest ep 989,000).

MasterChef‘s best episode on TEN was 1.37m, then Offspring (916,000), NCIS (821,000), TEN News (737,000), Last Man Standing (highest at 693,000), and Modern Family (highest at 689,000).

Australian Story led the week for ABC1 at 1.1m. Next were ABC News (Sat: 1.05m, weeknights: 912,000), Four Corners (1.03m), Death in Paradise (1.01m), Media Watch (804,000) and Silent Witness (762,000).

On SBS ONE it was Indian Ocean with Simon Reeve (352,000), Heston’s Feasts (294,000), Who Do You Think You Are? (252,000) and Caroline Quentin: A Passage Through India (236,000).

GO! topped multichannels with 4.3% then 7TWO 4.1%, 7mate 3.4%, ELEVEN 3.1%, ABC2 and ONE both 2.7%, Gem 2.6%, SBS TWO 1.0%, ABC News 24 0.9%, ABC3 0.8%.

Nine won Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane with Seven first in Adelaide and Perth.

Seven won Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday while Nine took Thursday and Saturday. ABC bettered TEN on Saturday.

This week Nine features The Block finale and State of Origin, but Seven and TEN should begin to claw back some audience.

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  1. I missed out on about 3 shows last week, and they were all on Seven. The only reason I didn’t watch them was because our channel 7 and 2 reception is absolutely unwatchable for about 2 weeks (still is). Channel 9 has been the only decent channel, so it’s all I’ve been watching! I wonder if many other people had the same issue and that could account for the channel 7 stats.

  2. I’ll admit this week Ch 24 and Eleven having messy schedules worked out for me this once. Because it gave me a chance to see the Four Corners that Ch 2 failed to repeat on Tuesday. I still missed most of Media Watch and due to it not being repeated at all, unless it’s somewhere obscure; I probably never will.

    Why the hell is stupid sport considered more important? You couldn’t put the sport on your second channel i.e. ABC2? Or even reschedule the Four Corners repeat!?! I’ll admit due to illness this week I might of not been up for it. But I would of been willing to try. IView has never been an option and if the Coalition get in and the usual dawdling goes on in the bushfire areas continue: it never will be (even though they want to seriously pretend to warn us with non-working internet connections because working sirens that have power back-up are just too hard to turn on !?! ) . The annoying thing is it’s the second time they’ve messed up the Four Corners and Media Watch repeat this year and in the past month. I didn’t expect them to stuff it up again so soon. I hope there will be no third time: preferably for the whole year.

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