TEN lifts, but Seven takes Tuesday

Ratings: The absence of The Block continues to work in favour of Seven & TEN as MasterChef tops Tuesday and Seven wins the night.

The absence of The Block continues to work in favour of Seven and TEN with the latter lifting its share on Tuesday as MasterChef topped the night.

But it was still Seven that won Tuesday with 27.7% to Nine’s 25.0% and TEN’s 24.7%.

Seven News was 1.27m for Seven then Today Tonight (1.15m). But below the magic million were Winners and Losers (995,000), Home and Away (921,000), Once Upon a Time (902,000), Pictures of You (623,000), and Deal or No Deal (586,000).

Nine News is still neck and neck with Seven News at 1.25m. ACA was 1.03m then also under a million were Big Bang (rpt 732,000) and Hot Seat (649,000). Due to an AFL match scheduling was then split. In Sydney and Brissy the results were Big Bang (Ep 2. 408,000, Ep 1 372,000), Two Broke Girls (305,000), Two and a Half Men (242,000) and Episodes (232,000, 212,000). In Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth the EJ Whitten Legends Game was 619,000. Across all cities Survivor was 288,000.

MasterChef was #1 with 1.35m for TEN then below that million mark were NCIS (872,000), TEN News (781,000), Being Lara Bingle (728,000), NCIS: LA (535,000), and The Project 6pm (458,000).

ABC News was 944,000 for ABC1 then 7:30 (680,000), Joanna Lumley’s Greek Odyssey (666,000), Race to London (513,000), Gordon’s Great Escape (376,000) and Time Team (287,000).

Who Do You Think You Are? was 266,000 for SBS ONE followed by Tour de France (235,000), Caster Semanya: Too Fast to be a Woman? (204,000).

Neighbours returned to the top of the multichannels on 323,000.

Tuesday 3 July 2012

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  1. I’ve said it before but I’m glad Once Upon a Time is on Tuesday. I’ve also looked up the time shifting figures and it usually goes over 1 million from the ones I’ve seen.

  2. Gotta say I’m both impressed and happy for Being Lara Binge. Not only is it not a flop as expected, but it’s ratings went up on last weeks. It’s still early days, but it certainly hasn’t crashed and burned like people on here foretold.

  3. Once is so much better than the ratings are giving it credit for. I hope it can sustain those ratings at least. IMO though Seven has stuffed up the scheduling. Mondays should be Once, Revenge, Proof. Tuesdays should be Talent and Losers, Wednesday should be Race and Criminal Minds, Mrs Browns Boys. Interesting to note though that 450k watched EJ Whitten match in Melbourne and was the #1 show there all night so i suppose this is yet another irregular program which could have effected ratings.

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