Airdate: Sinbad

UK adventure series Sinbad, originally due to air on Nine, begins on ABC1 next week.

UK adventure series Sinbad, originally due to air on Nine, begins on ABC1 next week.

This reinvention of the famous legend from the Arabian Nights is by the makers of Primeval.

How do you become better than the worst thing you’ve done? That’s the challenge facing Sinbad (Elliot Knight): an impetuous young man on a quest for redemption, condemned to keep searching for a way to lift the curse that chains him to the seas, until he can find the goodness in himself.

Brought up on the tough streets of Basra with his much-loved brother Jamil (Devon Anderson) for company, Sinbad provides for himself and his family by fighting for money. But when he inadvertently kills a man and causes the death of another, Sinbad escapes to sea as a stowaway.

A terrible tempest ensues killing many on board the ship. The few survivors – sensitive young doctor Anwar (Dimitri Leonidas), Viking warrior Gunnar (Elliot Cowan), beautiful but aloof Nala (Estella Daniels), feisty street thief Rina (Marama Corlett), the calm, insightful Cook (Junix Inocian), and Sinbad – find themselves thrown together on a spellbinding voyage of discovery.

Before he left Basra, Sinbad’s grandmother (Janet Suzman) placed a curse on her grandson, banishing him to the seas. Before he can live on dry land again, he must find out how to atone for his mistakes, how to find redemption and how to deserve the forgiveness of his family and the people he’s hurt.

8:20pm Saturday, 8 September.

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  1. Yes David I read the other stories but it didn’t say it had been delayed just they it had started airing in the UK and Nine had no comment on when they would show it.

    Even on Wiki they haven’t posted a reason for the 1 year delay.

    ITA it should be a good double with Doctor Who, hope ABC promote it well, seen the DW ads but nothing for Sinbad yet.

  2. Good slot, will prob work well following Doctor Who.

    David, you’ve shown a pic of Naveen Andrews but don’t mention him in the article altho’ he’s in more eps than Janet Suzman.

  3. ETA – just did some further checking and on Wiki it say the show was delayed in the UK and only started airing a few months ago in July. So we’ll get it relatively quick and again let me say yay this is on the ABC, I must have missed the previous story about it moving from Nine.

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