Gone: Community, Primeval. Update: Nikita

GO! drops promised shows and Nine halts Programming Amendment advice.

Community is no longer scheduled on GO! next Monday night, replaced by replays of The Inbetweeners.

Nikita which pulled 90,000 on Tuesday night is also out of schedule next week, replaced by a movie. But at this stage it is still scheduled on May 11th.

Primeval which was scheduled for 7:30pm Wednesday on GO! is now replaced with The Big Bang Theory and Two and a Half Men repeats.

Nine hasn’t send any amendments to TV Tonight, meaning programming advice which will continue to be supplied to readers, may no longer be reliable for Nine / GO! / GEM.

Amendment advice via websites such as TV Tonight has been particularly crucial during times of last-minute changes, especially during recent flood and cyclone disasters, but it would appear the rapidity of changes within Nine programming is having a negative effect on its PR relations.

Comments on GO!’s Facebook page are also expressing confusion at GO!’s habit of promising returning shows only to abandon them when they don’t resonate with a first viewing. Meanwhile 7TWO and ELEVEN have moved into an arena once dominated by GO! twelve months ago.

While programming changes persist it is unfortunate viewers will be left with even less avenues of accurate programming information and clarity.

UPDATE: GO! advises Nikita returns 10:30pm Wed May 11. Community was pulled because it was on too late. Hellcats will play out late Saturday afternoons. Primeval hasn’t been in the schedule for weeks.

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  1. Channel nine has lost it. I honestly feel insulted by there constant repeats of two and half man and big bang therory while the other shows get dumped for no reason. I was an advid watcher of go untill they started doing this. Gossip Girl, Vampire Dairies, Hellcats, Community and Primevil are just a few of the shows I used to love watching with them that they either starting airing at one in the morning or just stopped al together. I had never needed to download are show in my life and after chopping and changing Vampire Daires last three eps including the season final at stupid times like 1am. I thought they would of learned there lesson after the massive blacklash but clearly they didnt. After I started enjoying primevil they took that off too. Honestly I hope these great shows that have the ability to rate high in proper timeslots smarten up and sell there rights to channel 11. I would like to see Gossip Girl moved to Friday Ladies night or Vampire Diaries played eith Being Human. Alot of potential there. Insulting Channel Go and Nine. Stop playing repeats of two and half man and other crap and start showing your audiance some respect. We clearly arnt happy and if you want to improve your ratings maybe listen to the people who have the power to do that.

  2. Does anyone know what’s happened to Primeval? It wasn’t on last week, and it’s not on next week. Not even the local station could tell me. I waited four years for this to come back to broadcast TV, and it’s gone again after barely a (repeat) series and a half. Looks like I’ll have to buy the DVD’s just to keep up. Why bother watching TV?

  3. Why is it so hard for tv channels to get it right with programming??? Primeval is a great entertainment vehicle – my kids love it and I find it good – not too hard on the brain matter but entertaining. Last night at the end of the show they ran an advertisement for next week’s episode, then in today’s newspaper edition of the tv guide it’s been replaced by the Voice??? No wonder people normally don’t waste their time watching tv shows when they can’t trust the channels to show what they advertise; better to wait and get the series on dvd (without the ads!).

  4. Did they stop supplying amendments to tv guides too because my Sunday paper guide still has primeval listed, if it was out weeks ago then why is it in a guide that has been able to adjust for changes made with less than a week notice based on past observations. Oh well, it being listed in the guide will only serve as advertising for the season 4 DVD release this week. I’m just going to have to bite the bullet and rent the whole lot.

  5. @Vinny – thanks, I did see (on David’s blog) that it was coming up but like I said what is the point if they don’t show it from the pilot, unless its some rights issue. It’s not like it was recently on another channel and they are carrying on with S5. Come on GO! get you act together!!!

    IMO they are only showing it from their because of Charlie, I guess someone in the Nine programing department likes him?

  6. Im really surprised that there have been only a few changes on 11, out of all of the shows on it I would have thought Star Trek would have been gone for sure. Ten and Seven are more loyal and Nine don’t know how to do their job right. 10/11, even though they have shows that don’t rate like King of the Hill they still keep them on, why? cause they respect their fans, if something doesn’t work out well then they just move it and not take it off completely. they’ll wait and see how a show works/rates in the time slots they have chosen and if it does or doesn’t it usually stays put.

    GO need to take an example from 11. they have comedy night, sci-fi night, reality night, movie nights and even animated night. GO could easily have a comedy lineup somewhere with 1 eps only each of The Middle, Community, Seinfeld, Big Bang, 2.5 Men and any other they can find. how about a man’s night with action/men shows like Human Target, Nikita, Spartacus or what about Justified which they promised us it was coming soon Last year!!!

    why don’t they do any of that, in short…. they’re idiots!!!

  7. @ APM – Its amazing the programming on one channel compared to the other. Example 90210 on 11 is moved to 10.30pm and so far has been kept there. Same with Smallville – they have only changed the timeslot once and it hasn’t gone off since the channel launched.

    Nine obviously do not want to build audiences for their multichannels if they put shows like Pushing Daisies to midnight and Hellcats and Community to the afternoons, they want instant high ratings straight away in prime time to beat the other channels. Their programming strategies are not working , and now Ten is now becoming the NO 2 Channel !!!!. GO! is rating lower than ever on Mondays due to their programming f ups !!!

    If GO! had the rights to Bob’s Burgers and King of The Hill they would be off very quickly as they don’t rate high enough.

    Do channels have to take shows off that are rating only 90,000 because they are losing money ? Why would Ten then be keeping quite a few shows then like Bob’s Burgers, King of The Hill, Late Late Show, Nurse Jackie. The Office ….. all these shows rate less than 100,000 and yet have been kept there……. why ? Aren’t Ten losing ad money, and ratings against the other multichannels ?

  8. @ Craig – Spin City doesn’t start on GO! till next week replacing The Nanny (which was on both GEM and GO! yet again).

    No idea why they are starting at S5. Perhaps as this is where Charlie Sheen is in it ?

  9. @ Craig – it seems they are playing Seasons 5&6 of Spin City from next week and those 2 seasons are Charlie Sheen’s 2 seasons he was in it. surprise surpise.

    and new Community in the afternoons now with Hellcats?!?! are the programmers on every drug created or what?! they have no damn respect for the viewers and the shows themselves. this doesn’t usually bother me as I tape everything but geez GO, pull your head out and stop being so fussy!

  10. Not much more that can be said about Nine/GO programmers that hasn’t already been said below (agree with all the comments). I just wanted to thank you, David, for all the work you put in keeping us informed about the constant timeslot changes to our favourite shows. I don’t think I would ever know when any of the shows I like to watch are on if you weren’t doing such a fantastic job!

  11. Go Facebook page –
    GO! TV
    Grab your hotwater bottle and enjoy some lazy Sundays afternoons as Community S2 & Hellcats S1 will play out in full throughout winter…Sunday May 8th from 4:30pm.

  12. I actually want to wanted to watch Nikita when it came back & have been constantly checking here to see if there was any news. So imagine my annoyance when a double ep turns up with no warning over Easter & I missed it.
    I actually saw a couple of minutes of the start by chance as I had set to record Pushing Daisies!

    Having to completely scan the EPG each night just to be sure you don’t miss something snuck into the schedule at last minute isn’t how I like to spend my time. And forget about going away & relying on programming ahead, you’ve got no chance.

  13. With Nikita returining on Wed May 11, at 10.30pm is it fair to say GO! will only be showing single episodes instead of double episodes?, GO! better not move the show again after that otherwise I will never watch the channel again.

  14. Any idea when we’ll see those Saturday afternoon episodes of Hellcats? We’ve been watching it from the start and I’d hate to miss it simply because it’s airing at a time we don’t want TV in my house.

    Any word on Pretty Little Liars? I was really enjoying that PLL Hellcats double.

  15. @Boris – take your pick:
    a) Nobody
    b) A game of darts after lunch at the pub – sometimes the cleaner knocks the darts out and puts them back wherever
    c) Pranksters running the world’s longest April Fool’s joke
    d) People who don’t take their Ritalin
    e) Chimpanzees who don’t take their Ritalin
    f) Channel Seven moles
    g) A Chaos Demon
    h) …?

    I have nothing more to say that hasn’t been said many times already over the last few months.

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