Axed: Everybody Dance Now

"We didn't get the format right," says TEN CEO.

TEN has axed Everybody Dance Now from its Sunday night line-up following dire ratings.

James Warburton, Chief Executive Officer, said, “As part of the renewal of Network TEN’s creative content, we are trying new formats and creating more programming options. Unfortunately, we didn’t get the Everybody Dance Now format right. Kelly, Jason and Sarah are fantastic presenters. Their professionalism and commitment to Everybody Dance Now was remarkable, and the many talented dancers on the show were amazing. Although we worked with FremantleMedia to reset the program, clearly it has not struck a chord with viewers.”

TEN has again revamped its Sunday night line-up as follows:

6.00pm – The Project
6.30pm – The Simpsons rpt
7.00pm – Modern Family rpt
8.00pm – Graham Norton Express rpt
8.30pm – NCIS rpt
9.30pm – Moto GP – Live from Czech Republic, round 12.

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  1. To all those people who thinks Ten will be gone, can I ask one question – Where would I watch Formula 1 or Moto GP telecasts? AFAIK there are no pay-tv outlets to where I can see these.

  2. Guy: Channel 10 did put in a bid with 7 for the NRL over $1b which was higher than Channel 9’s first offer. Channel 9 had a right for last bid and topped it.

    The NRL has asked for $80m in cash up front, cut it to 4 years because CVC are close to insolvency. And forced 9 and Foxtel to give up the right to last bid in future.

  3. The Ten board, led my Murdoch, are the people are the people who took over the network and cancelled running One as a HD sports network and abolished the failed evening News and Current Affairs plan. They are also the people who put in money after CanWest got into financial difficulty and recently put in millions more in a capital raising to keep the network afloat.

    None of these programmes that aren’t doing well are terrible. It’s just that the number of slots when people are watching TV has declined, all the networks are making lots of Reality TV and there is a finite amount of it people will watch, and 7 and 9 have made some that it just a bit better.

  4. I feel bad for the contestants and the crew who are now out of job.

    Sarah, Kelly and Jason probably had contracts that they would be paid for the whole series – regardless if it succeeded or not – so not sorry for them one bit.

    As for it being screened on Eleven? I think it cost way too much to justify screening it on a secondary channel.

    And I am surprised that despite the failures of reality shows like Renovators, EDN, Shire and Bingle – they are pushing ahead with more reality shows like The Audience and Recipe4riches.

    You would have to be very worried if you are a Ten employee or shareholder.

  5. @dan, I thought a similar thing. Do the contestants who already made it to the final have any legal recourse in this situation? It seems odd to me that it is acceptable just to can the show and have no responsibility to those who made it into the finals.

    @jezlee, no Kelly Rowland did not appear on The Project, despite her appearance being advertised earlier in the day. I’d say her and Jason have probably already jetted out of the country as there is no reason for them to stick around.

    I secretly admire Ten for taking chances with the stuff they are green lighting, but their instincts overall just aren’t cutting it. Reality TV is a double- edged sword and they are putting far too much of their time and money into developing shows with limited, niche market appeal. Unless it is DWTS, a dancing show will always have relatively limited appeal. Ditto a talent show about drag performance and a wedding stuff-ups show. These are more secondary channel or cable channel fare, not mainstream programming. They need to break out of that mode of thinking.

  6. Wow! So all those people who have rehearsed and the votes taken from the public and and everything and they wont even get some sort of an ending? No winner announced?

    That’s harsh.

  7. Why Channel TEN didn’t bid to hell and back for Rugby League is beyond me. Yes it is a huge huge cost but this network is sinking and investing money in sport is what they should have done. Instead they are falling off the wagon. There is hardly any good shows on here anymore and the ones they have are being shown in repeats, i speak of NCIS for one when new episodes are available. TEN are just a train wreck. RIP. I can’t see anything changing for them. When you get beaten by SBS you know there is a problem don’t you?

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