Criminal Minds update

Heads up fans of Criminal Minds.

Next week the show plays twice-weekly on Sunday and Wednesday nights on Seven.

A new episode airs at 9pm Sunday followed by a repeat.

“There’s No Place Like Home / 25 To Life”
When a series of tornadoes hits Kansas, the BAU is called in to investigate bodies of young boys that turn up in the aftermath of the storms. Also, work pressures cause tension on JJ’s home front. Then, Morgan suggests that a man has been rehabilitated and aids in his parole, but later regrets his decision when the man murders someone¬†only days after being released.

Another new ep airs at 8:30pm Wednesday.


  1. Good news. I love Criminal Minds and sure its delayed but it will fill my schedule for the nights its airing so its all good.

    BTW David any chance to ask Seven if and or when they plan to air Scandal? I have heard good things about it and just wondered if we are going to get to see it any time soon.

  2. It is now on three times a week, after not screening at all from February until July.

    Talk about erratic scheduling. CM is the worst procedural on air IMO, way too gory and violent. The early seasons were a lot more story-driven rather than the shock and awe style crimes they write in now. I never watched again after watching the episode there T-Bag from Prison Break cut off a woman’s lips on screen

  3. Yet again we are chasing shows around the schedule. What happened to scheduling a show and then leaving it there, and without repeat eps following it? No wonder people get fed up and access their shows by “other means”……

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