Returning: Project Runway Australia

Season Four of Project Runway Australia will begin in early October, hosted by Megan Gale.

Returning are Alex Perry, Peter Morrissey and Claudia Navone with guest judges including Dannii Minogue.

The fourth season of Project Runway Australia features some of the most talented designers the series has ever seen and a new judging panel of fashion experts.

Australia’s most glamorous fashion designer, Alex Perry, continues to help guide the search for the next big name in fashion in his role as designer mentor, while renowned fashion designer, businessman and entrepreneur Peter Morrissey and fashion consultant extraordinaire Claudia Navone join Megan Gale on the judging panel.

The designers vying for runway supremacy as they stitch and bitch their way through the eleven episode season are Jamie Ashkar, Leah Da Gloria, Natalie Cook, Sasha-Rose Hartley and William Kutana from New South Wales; Tristan Melle, Christina Exie and Jordan Court from Victoria; Alexandra Ovijach, Savva Argyrou and Natashya Manfield from Queensland and Mladen Milicich from Western Australia.

Leading Australian fashion designers will appear as guest judges – Toni Maticevski, Alexandra and Genevieve Smart of Ginger & Smart, Fleur Wood and Dannii Minogue of Project D.

The winner of Project Runway Australia season 4 will receive a KIA Rio valued at over $20,000, a six page fashion feature in Madison magazine and the opportunity to present their own show at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Australia 2013 collections in Sydney. They will also receive for their show a Tresemme professional stylist team and Tresemme product to the value of $10,000 plus $50,000 in cash and product from Project Runway Australia’s own Rathdowne Fabrics and Birch Haberdashery and Craft.

Project Runway Australia is made for Foxtel by FremantleMedia Australia.

Monday October 8 at 8.30pm on Arena.


  1. Alex has become something of a joke because of his sunglasses. He even wears them on the top of his head when outdoors in the sun.. while squinting at the camera.

    Also.. too many people including announcers stuff up the pronunciation of Australia. So many these days can’t even pronounce an ‘s’ without making it a ‘sh’.. like Tom Williamsh. This, combined with the dropping of letters, makes our country sound like – aShtray-a. *hangs head in shame*

  2. Megan Gale again? Count me out.
    I need a host with personality. Even her appearance on Can of Worms confirmed she’s hypocrite who seems to “monitor” what she says to win approval.

    And regarding Perry’s sunnies – please! Embrace your baldness already!

  3. I also laughed at the ‘stralia’ issue and that was something noted during the many commentators actually can’t say the name of our country correctly!

    But, my pet hate…and I actually do admire his fashion craft….is that pair of ruddy sunglasses on Alex Perry’s head. Are they superglued there? Does he sleep with them? C’mon’s ok to be losing hair…and you don’t need to look ‘cool’ because you’re just supposed to ‘be’.

    Please someone, dear God..remove those sunglasses.

    The media must love Alex because I can’t understand why the issue has never been raised. If a contestant went on the show with glasses stuck to the top of their head they would be blasted for it.

    I’ve only seen one image of him without them. It’s weird..who on earth wears glasses as a hat 24/7?

  4. Awesome I love this show. Just wish Megan would learn to say Project Runway Australia instead of Project Runway Stralia! I know its petty but it does my head in!

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