Seven sings strong with X Factor

Ratings: The X Factor is doing for Seven exactly what it was intended to do. But TEN is relegated to fourth place again.

The X Factor is doing for Seven exactly what it was intended to do: have people connect with the contestants and underpin its primetime schedule. TEN was relegated to fourth place again.

Last night Seven had a 33.4% share to Nine 25.0%, ABC 18.7%, TEN 17.7% and SBS was 5.3%.

The X Factor was again #1 with 1.47m viewers for Seven. Other network numbers were Seven News (1.23m), Criminal Minds (1.12m), Today Tonight (1.11m), Home and Away (1.06m), Covert Affairs (594,000) and Deal or No Deal (569,000).

Some surprises at Nine with A Current Affair the network’s top show on 1.08m. That figure is fairly standard for the show, more indicative that others took a dip. Nine News was 1.07m, Big Brother was 1.03m, Farmer Wants a Wife was 936,000, Dallas was 545,000, Hot Seat was 534,000 and Big Brother Confidential was 382,000.

ABC News again won its timeslot on 1.08m, then Gruen Planet (906,000), 7:30 (807,000), Qi (735,000), Randling (501,000), Would I Lie to You? (442,000), Australia’s Paralympians (370,000) and At the Movies (305,000).

Puberty Blues lost ground from last week but remained TEN’s best performer on 843,000. Others were TEN News (708,000), Modern Family (489,000), The Project 6pm (454,000), I Will Survive (427,000) and Class of (311,000).

On SBS ONE it was Wildest Africa (293,000), The Last Explorers (213,000), World News Australia (192,000), and Sandhurst Military Academy (191,000).

7TWO’s Heartbeat topped multichannels on 322,000.

Wednesday 22 August 2012

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  1. P.S. I hope they remember if you don’t want to put something at 8.30pm then there’s 9.30pm as that’s the next best option. Not 9pm unless it’s a half hour show. Especially one hour (with ads) dramas. Unless all channels start showing stuff on the hour. Please forgive me if I’m stating the obvious I’m tired.

  2. I’ll admit I didn’t think the 9pm timeslot was a good idea for Dallas. And I wondered if it would cause the show to last maybe 3 episodes on the main channel. Mainly because to get viewers to watch it live you need them switching from other channels. Except ABC News 24 I think they were mainly clashing. I guess now maybe they will put it on 9.30pm or 10.30pm. Because then at least it’s a more sensible timeslot that viewers could more easily turn over for. I don’t get why they would do a silly timeslot for the first episode (OK I did notice Seven did it the week before but it’s still a bad idea ) . It’s a risk to put something at 8.30pm but surely it’s better than near certain dire ratings at 9pm?

  3. All the episodes of “Dallas” are available from amazon including the two TV movies, this series will also be available from them by the end of the year. Even if you dont have a multi region player, from memory “Dallas” is region free DVDs

  4. @Oztvheritage,I think the problem is that Ten are not producing fresh programs.They are putting all their eggs into one basket and giving us mostly reality type shows.Nothing fresh about that.As other people have said,perhaps they need to introduce more drama,more comedy.Give the viewer an all round mix of different genres,just to keep it interesting.They continue to give us reality shows that don’t work and every time another one comes along,people are resigned to thinking,here is another one of these shows in a long line,so don’t bother watching.We need to be surprised and feel curious about new programming.It’s just not happening here.I do however give Ten points for tenacity.

  5. Dallas, I watched all the earlier seasons and I would love it to be stripped or even 3 times a week, it has worked for 7Two with “Heartbeat”. I have tried to purchase some series of Dallas but not available here past around series 7 I think.
    I will Survive not bad for that kind of genre, maybe take it away from the X factor.
    But saying that I think someone made a good point is that getting people to watch TEN is hard, I know friends of mine they will only watch Nine, and some will only watch Seven and not even worry about the other channels. Me I watch them all, but I get a bit angry with shows not starting on time especially late ones as I have to record them and now I put 15 mins at the start and up to half an hour at the end. I thought that the EPG was supposed to be accurate !

  6. I really hope X Factor doesn’t lose Mel B to the UK next year. When she and Nat B joined the panel replacing Kyle Sandilands/Natalie Imbruglia last year the show became 10x better.

    Seven should offer her a fat paycheck for her role in DWTS + XF to get her to stay. I’ve watched the past three seasons of the UK version and IMO the Australian one is miles better

  7. 9pm was never a good time for “Dallas”, people forget the original season never rated that well, in fact I would be willing to guess (if there is any way one can look up the figures) it rated rather badly, but in those days Ten staid with a show and the timeslot of Tuesdays at 9 30pm remained fixed for pretty much all of its fifteen years on air. I agree 10 30pm may be a more appropriate time, I thought the pilot ep was excellent but it really needs a thorough understanding of the series from the get go. Also one must remember this is only a cable show in the States with a niche audience. As to “I Will Survive” ten does need to move it to a less competitive timeslot , pref 9 30 on a Wed and Thursday and let it sit there for its entire run., What is the point in tossing it to Eleven?Its been filmed, the money has been spent, might as well sit it there and see how it builds.
    PS Has Nine thought of strip programming “Dallas”old eps late night? It may build a new niche following for it. They must have the rights??!!

  8. I lke Mel B…did not know her from the group she was in..just from being here in Oz…seems a very nice young person….
    Dallas…not sure…but all my friends in the States love it…so will give it a few more goes…
    Have been a constant watcher of Farmer…but this year….not nearly as much…
    Big Brother….use to love it…now…ho hum….

  9. Actually, tv in general was so much better when ten and seven shared the AFL rights. Better Homes and Gardens didn’t go for 90 mins plus, Before the Game was still on Saturday and Seven showed way better movies on a Saturday night.

  10. Disappointing night for Ten last night. Aussie programs all night and all OK….IWS was a bit boring through – Not as good at the first night.

    They should not have given up AFL as it would have bought other viewers to the network and exposure to promos. They have missed out on NRL. Cricket is out of rating season. They are in a tough position. You can’t have a go at them for not giving it a go to produce new fresh programs.

  11. They should put I Will Survive on Wednesday andThursady (as originally scheduled), so it dosn’t clash with the X Factor on both nights. I have been flicking between both shows, both are good.

    I thought Dallas would have fared better.

  12. Mia – agreed.

    I think the judges are playing up for the cameras this year, it irritates me when the judges look contestants up and down before giving them a chance, hoping to get themselves a Susan Boyle moment when they start to sing. Give me The Voice any day.

    Ronan is so fake, and over the top! Love Mel B’s honesty though.

  13. It’s weird – I’m enjoying The X Factor more this year than the previous series, even though I’m finding Ronan’s emphatic gushings more insincere with every critique, and the delay between the contestants being told to sing and the music starting really irritating. And don’t get me started on the screaming tweeners in the audience.

  14. I Will Survive will probably get one final chance next week in the same time slot if its lucky. I see this moving to another day time, or possibly even to ELEVEN.
    I think TEN should begin to hold focus groups for its new program developments, as they don’t seem to be grasping what people want to see. This also can create word of mouth early on, which if being a quality program is a great way to begin.

  15. I Will Survive and Class Of both would be off air if on Seven or Nine with those numbers…..but I think everyone is forgetting that Ten is always the distant third placed runner in the ratings, so it is not unusual that their shows get these numbers.

    I think it is just reality overload and alternate quality scripted drama or comedy would do far better against the BB and X factor juggernauts.

    Very ordinary figures for Dallas. 10.30 slot now looks tailor made for it.

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