Seven wins the week, ABC nabs third.

Seven wins Total People, Nine wins the demos and ABC takes third place in the latest round of the ratings war.

Seven re-emerged as victor in the ratings war last week as The X Factor underpinned its primetime schedule and returned some faith to talent shows.

Nine will also be happy by winning the key demos 16-39, 18-49 and 25-54.

But it was a dire week for TEN, relegated to fourth place for the second week in a row and losing its Programming Chief David Mott after 16 years. It was beaten by ABC on five nights, including its primary channel sinking to a 6.5% share on Saturday.

Seven: 32.1
Nine: 28.4
ABC: 18.0
TEN: 16.0
SBS: 5.6

Primary channel:
Seven: 23.7
Nine: 22.0
ABC1: 13.7
TEN: 10.3
SBS ONE: 4.5

7TWO: 4.6
GO!: 3.9
7mate: 3.8
ABC2: 2.7
GEM: 2.6
ONE: 2.6
SBS TWO: 1.0
ABC News 24: 0.8
ABC3: 0.7

Seven’s top performers were The X Factor (highest night on Monday with 1.6m), Seven News (Sun: 1.5m, weeknights: 1.28m), Sunday Night (1.28m), Winners and Losers (1.15m), Today Tonight (1.12m) and Criminal Minds (1.12m).

Howzat! topped the week with 2.08m with other Nine brands being 60 Minutes (1.55m), Nine News (Sun: 1.4m, weeknights: 1.13m), Big Brother (highest night on Sun: 1.36m), Underbelly: Badness (1.23m) and A Current Affair (1.07m).

ABC News (weeknights: 1.05m, Sun: 823,000) led for ABC1 then New Tricks (965,000), Gruen Planet (905,000), Grand Designs Revisited (809,000), Australian Story (809,000) and Midsomer Murders (765,000).

MasterChef: All Stars (Winner Announced: 1.05m, Finale: 802,000) was the good news for TEN with next highest being Puberty Blues (843,000), TEN News (724,000), NCIS (663,000), Can of Worms (590,000) and Don’t Tell the Bride (583,000).

Who Do You Think You Are? (464,000) topped SBS ONE then Pompeii: Cellar of Skeletons (427,000), Insight (328,000), Russia: A Journey with Jonathan Dimbleby (314,000), Wildest Africa (293,000) and A History of Scotland (274,000).

Seven took all 5 cities and every night of the week except Sunday, which fell to Nine.

ABC defeated TEN on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

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  1. TEN can’t even get an old David Attenborough program to air. It was scheduled for last night (Sunday) at 6.30, I think it was even on the EPG, but No – dumped! They get more pathetic every day.

    I think they’re crazy going for the younger demographic, they should focus on older people who actually do watch television. The ratings don’t seem to affect how many ads they run – a combination of crap shows and an overload of ads. (on regional tv anyway). No thanks.

  2. Agree with you mistaken, they seem to be banging their head against a brick wall with that ‘target demographic’ but don’t seem to want or be able to change their business model. Older people watch tv too, just look at some of the decent ratings for old British comedies & lifestyle show on 7two, maybe some stations like 10 need to embrace this & move on instead of trying the same old tactic.

  3. The Ten Network may have been beaten by ABC Network on only 5 days this week but its main channel hasn’t beaten ABC1 since the debut of Puberty Blues on Wed the 15th.

    I do hope that they can recover but I’m not going to watch them out of pity. Get rid of your crap, learn to schedule programs appropriately, and build brand loyalty by having a stable schedule. Establish a point of difference from Seven and Nine by fast-tracking shows and starting them on time.

    And stop taking programming direction from people “upstairs” who haven’t a f’g clue about television. That last bit might be difficult to do but is essential if Ten is to avoid single-digit percentage audience shares.

    You can start by showing Homeland S2 next Sunday as Howzat will be finished.

  4. Food for thought for Ten, Puberty Blues has been one of its highest rating shows over the past 2 weeks. The show only makes sense to anyone over 35 according to social media- but Ten continue to target the “younger demographic”. Obviously the younger demographic aren’t interested in Ten so perhaps change your target audience?

    I’ve always been a Ten fan, but I’m no longer in their target audience and can safely say there’s barely a thing on their station other than 5pm news that I could be bothered making an effort to regularly watch. For me one of the biggest problems is the constant repeats and lack of promotion.

  5. TEN are a huge rut and i just can’t see them recovering anytime soon. I said it last week and will say it again, i just don’t think TEN should fast-track anything. I know i am a huge fan of it but at this rate i don’t even think Homeland or NCIS is going to help them. I mean i know they will fast-track some shows but at least keep the new shows off the air until February. Puberty Blues is their only shining light but even that can’t break the 1m mark which is a telling sign of a sluggish network.

    Good to see Seven back on top. The X Factor has been amazing this week, Howzat was also great on Sunday night and i am starting to warm just a little to big brother but not yet 100% committed like i used to be. Also 7:30 was great with Leigh Sales punching Tony Abbott where it hurts. Finally a journo who wants to pull the punches with him. About time if you ask me.

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