Sons of Anarchy: teasers

FX in the US has released not one but four teasers for Season 5 of Sons of Anarchy.

Watch out for Jimmy Smits….







  1. Previous interviews have declared that even though it cannot be referred to as a version of Hamlet the structure of the Shakespeare play will be adhered to until the end.
    Given that we are entering season five and the green light has been given to season six a lot of water will obviously pass under the bridge,personally I would love to have a storyline develop where Lincoln Potter(Eccentric CIA agent) exposed as John Tellers long lost Brother I can really see a resemblance and reasoning for his obvious hatred of the Club.

  2. Andy G I agree with you about the total copout that was the S4 finale. Just don’t tell Kurt Sutter that!!!

    I was seriously disappointed with the end of S4, given the awesome buildup they had done to the Jax/Clay storyline throughout that series, following on from the great conclusion (albeit to a weak overall) series 3.

    I’m worried about the inclusion of Jimmy Smits, maybe I’m suffering from a hangover after his terrible stint in Dexter a few series back. But I will be interested to see what they do with Joel McHale in series 5.

  3. Hopefully they address the issues to the weak ending to what had been a really good season 4. Seriously the CIA angle has to be one of the biggest cop outs. Up there with “this was all a dream” and “the Wizard did it”

    Shows such as SOA work best when you get the feeling nobody is safe (Sopranos, Wire, Sheild, Breaking Bad etc) but lately with how they teased both Clay and Juice that feeling is becomming lost on this show

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