TEN in fourth behind ABC (again).

Ratings: TEN lands fourth behind the ABC, largely due to the failure of Everybody Dance Now.

TEN had another night of disappointing numbers, landing fourth behind the ABC for the third night in a  row, largely due to the failure of Everybody Dance Now.

Nine won with 31.6% then Seven 29.0%, ABC 17.2%,  TEN 16.4% and SBS 5.7%. At this rate, ABC is ahead of TEN for the week.

Big Brother was best for Nine but dropped in numbers to 1.32m followed by Nine News (1.18m) and a good debut for Anger Management (1.11m / 1.10m), then Big Bang (1.07m), ACA (1.04m) and Hot Seat (612,000).

Seven News topped the night with 1.33m with Seven’s other rankings being Today Tonight (1.18m), Home and Away (1.02m), Winners and Losers (941,000), The Amazing Race Australia (896,000), and Deal or No Deal (613,000). World’s Strictest Parents was 500,000 and The Price is Right was 349,000.

ABC News was 979,000 for ABC1 then 7:30 (679,000), Foreign Correspondent (671,000), Qi (646,000), Three Men go to Venice (620,000) and Time Team (300,000).

MasterChef: All Stars was best for TEN with 788,000. TEN News was 687,000, The Project 6pm was 432,000. Trailing The Bold and the Beautiful (406,000), were NCIS: LA (365,000) and Everybody Dance Now (325,000).

On SBS ONE it was Who Do You Think You Are? (290,000), Insight (282,000), World News Australia (160,000) and Dateline (120,000).

Neighbours led multichannels with 279,000.

Sunrise: 341,000
Today: 340,000
ABC News Breakfast: 53,000 / 27,000
Breakfast: 30,000

Tuesday 14 August 2012

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  1. I think the rot for Ten has just gone from bad to worse, after what they pulled on viewers when they split the master chef final, and virtually tried to force viewers to watch their dud renovators flop.

    What next for their breakfast show and the dud PH host, half hour breakfast….half hour ncis…half hour breakfast….half hour ncis

  2. @ryan
    Ten is saving dollars by not paying the owners of proven formats…and creating something home grown. Just like YTT….. But Nine go with proven formats like the Voice.

    You get what you pay for!

  3. This is stupid! Ten has a proven format for a dance show called so you think you can dance! All Ten should have done is found a new host bring back jason and 2 other judges then return it to sundays and mondays! Sytycd was much better and gave all dancers lots of chances to progress and show Aus what they have got, this show throws them in and spits them out in a matter of minutes. Ugly!

  4. @tclark26 – um, Dancing with the Stars has just finished its twelfth season, which is pretty weird considering according to you “Australia will not watch dance shows”. They’ve watched twelve seasons of that one in numbers in excess of 1M per episode. Also, how many years has ballroom dance production Burn The Floor toured Australia (umpteen) and how many productions of Tap Dogs have there been? I’ve lost count. So Australians not only watch dance on TV, they also fork out their hard-earned moolah to see it live in theatres.

    As others have pointed out, the problem with EDN is most definitely not the talent on display. It is uniformly awesome, I have been stunned by how good these people are. I don’t have a problem with Jason or Kelly, either, I think they are friendly, personable, and telegenic. I have watched all three eps and the problems are as follows: 1. Its length – 90 minutes a night is simply too damn long. 2. Sarah certainly looks stunning and she comes across as a lovely person, she always has. But she is the wrong fit for this type of show. She is too gentile and soft, they need someone edgy and borderline over-the-top ie Fuzzy or Amanda Keller for example.. 3. The audience voting system that immediately knocks out half of the acts each night – it doesn’t work, it completely ruins the tension. 4. They haven’t ironed out the kinks with camera work and staging – the camera work is very underwhelming and the lighting is dreadful, whoever is directing this seriously needs to pick up their game.I don’t think the show is anywhere close to being the turkey that Excess Baggage was, but it needed more work before it was broadcast, for sure.

  5. We have some of world’s best creative talent in this country. Who go off to work overseas on feature films and international Television productions.
    Yet in our own country we produce absolute trash. Why? What’s this Priscilla show? That just looks like more cheap junk that’s 12 years too late.
    Maybe this is the kick in the teeth TEN deserve.
    Get more behind shows like Puberty Blues, Bikie Wars and Offspring. Thats the road you need to keep taking. The younger audience you are trying to target with Dance and Young Talent time live in 2012 not 1999.

  6. I have to say I’ve given this show 3 chances and last night had to switch off. Love the dancers, they’re all fantastic. However, the problem is that there is no direction and no excitement when it comes time to the “vote”. I really like Sarah Murdoch but not in this role, she seems to lack electricity.
    I sincerely hope that this bomb doesn’t affect Kelly & Jasons affinity with Australian audiences. Love them both but it;s just not working on this show.

  7. Terrible ratings. Ignoring the awful format, judges (Kelly is okay) and host, the only positive is the fantastic dance performances.

    A format that is SYTYCD meets America’s Best Dance Crew would be nice.

  8. What makes me angry is that just because channel 9 had big plans for big brother on the actual dates…… channel ten and other channels would include new stuff as well to make them feel like they are better then the other channels. Just hate it how channel ten now saying new shows or new series next week…. indication because they know Big brother show is a fulll succees so the other channels wants to be (top dogs) I just dont like how they all do this. All channel networks nows exactly when these programes will be telecast before anyone like you and me know it. They figuire out what other media channels have install for the year and when.. and so the other channels tries to make new shows and new series and they will put these programes right when another channel has more ratings.. Just stupid. And whats with the 7pm time slot ? why not high rating programes at 11pm or 4pm for example.

    So we can see channel ten has a new show call dance now…… funny how this began right after the show has just started on channel 9 but this becomes even stupid.. channel 7 now has new line up shows comming now…. so whats with all of the channels new programes on the same month as the other channel. Why not have thier own channels make thier own dates and thier own month for new stuff rather then all channels doing it at the same time. Just quite stupid i reckon.

  9. Thought EBN might have done around mid to high 400’s last night given it was not in competition with BB. I gave it a go last night. Still could not get threw it. Dancers-great, Judges-fake, Host-plastic. Gretel would have been a better choice – and used to a live TV environment.

    Note to Sarah…I am sure you are a lovely, lovely person…but this show is not you and you will not get a “Live TV” gig again after this one. Why don’t you do the right thing and quit, and they can get somebody in that has some energy that suits the dancers and audience. This show is not doing or anybody any favours.

  10. Agree that the show is finding its feet after an awkward start but the idiotic decision by Ten’s programming department to launch the show against the Olympics, Big Brother, etc has killed it.

    I honestly believe more would’ve sampled it if it debuted this Sunday, not last. Would have also allowed the cast and crew more rehearsal time to iron out the kinks.

    It’ll be near on impossible for them to convince an audience to give it another go now when it has the smell of death about it.

    James Warburton should roll some heads in programming without delay.

  11. I love dance shows but this one left me cold. I believe it’s in the casting of the judges. It’s the idea of importing “stars” that innately turns me off. I think it’s also the reason why The Voice USA didn’t rate in Australia. You need an Aussie element – at least one judge – for audiences to connect. Oh, and also not a huge fan of Mrs Murdoch. Sad that it’s doing so poorly.

  12. What TEN need to do is to get their publicity machine working and Sell this show.

    It had a few initial teething problems but it’s finding its “sweet spot” and last night’s show worked really well.

    Come on TEN, work it!

  13. Maybe Lachlan can stop poaching woeful talent from NZ and maybe getting the man/woman/team that is responsible for Nine’s resurgence.

    I mean you have to hand it to Nine.. they are doing pretty well at the moment. At least the Parent Company will get a decent price for it if they seek to sell it off to cover the billions of debt they are still facing.

  14. EDN needs to go. If they can’t find another show they’re better of with NCIS repeats! Why does TEN not understand that Australia will not watch dance shows. Good luck for the drag queen show!

    I really liked how ten started the year with Modern Family, New Girl and Homeland. Then they stuffed it up. MF can rate over 1 million if in the right (and constant) slot. TEN deserves everything they get

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