Why I heart Network TEN

It's easy to kick someone when they're down. So here's a shout-out to the things I love about Network TEN.

Let’s be honest. It’s easy to kick someone when they’re down.

And it’s hard to think of a time when TEN has been lower than now. We all know the shows that are tanking, the decisions that are inane and the brand that we once viewed as bold. We’d all run it better than the mob that’s trying to do it now.

I’ve written plenty on what’s wrong, so today I’m turning the tables and giving a little bit back.

We’re a small nation and if we don’t have three commercial networks all firing on four cylinders then we all lose out.

So here’s a shout-out to the things I love about Network TEN. The things I probably take for granted and would miss if they weren’t there anymore. It’s little moments that make up the bigger picture -literally- and here are just a few…

Neighbours. Jacki Woodburne -dammit why doesn’t this woman have a Logie yet please?

An Idiot Abroad. I don’t care if Karl Pilkington is putting it on for the cameras, it’s bonkers.

Bondi Vet. Is there a more perfect nice guy on the telly than Dr Chris Brown? I just want my cat to get sick so I can take it to him. And I don’t even own a cat.

American Horror Story. Jessica Lange, Jessica Lange and Jessica Lange.

Can of Worms. Chrissie Swan won me over when she stood up to bully Ben all those years ago on Big Brother and has been defiant ever since. Smart, self-deprecating, pitch perfect as this show’s new host.

Class Of. Ok it really doesn’t belong on TEN because it’s far too ABC2, but this is quite the surprise package.

Glee. Any musical number from Darren Criss. What a little star.

Homeland. Straight up, the best new US drama of 2012. Played with my head trying to work out if Brody was lying or not. Can’t wait for S2.

Judge Judy. Just to hear her say the word “Baloney.”

MasterChef Australia. Croquembouches, macarons, and Matt’s cravat. Amina was a sheer joy this year and Andy was a popular win. Shine did a great job of restoring the brand. Oh and Gary Mehigan has totally stepped up as the show’s key storyteller.

MasterChef: All Stars. An inspired idea to compete with the Olympics and there was such a feeling of camraderie between the teams. Effortless telly.

Modern Family. A rolled gold cast. Twice as funny when you watch it with a group of friends.

Offspring. Where do I start? Asher Keddie’s timing, Kat Stewart’s cyclonic character, Eddie Perfect’s songs, Matthew Le Nevez’s longing looks and the gorgeous Deb Mailman…. the show is the epitome of a.w.k.w.a.r.d.

The Good Wife. Yes we can talk about Julianna Margulies, but what about Archie Panjabi as Kalinda?

Puberty Blues. For bringing back ’70s, language ya moll. Brenna Harding and Ashleigh Cummings are so natural as two partners in crime. A sparkling ensemble. And I’m keeping my eye on Susan Prior.

TEN News. Mal Walden’s little asides and editorials. Sandra Sully’s dulcet tones and sheer staying power. Angela Bishop’s camp passion for showbiz. Hamish MacDonald, dashing, smart, a nose for news, loves an interview and wears red pants.

Nurse Jackie. L-i-a-r!!!

The Project. Hughesy’s segues, Carrie’s capacity for emotion, and Charlie’s ability to balance it all. Often a deft balance of humour and news which is a bit of a tall order. Plus the poor buggers are made to work on a Sunday and I still haven’t worked out why.

Totally Wild. 20 years and totally committed to kids. Ranger Stacey has seen it all.

The Living Room. Quietly emerging as an engaging mix. Amanda Keller is always wry and personable. Miguel Maestre is a fresh find from the LifeStyle channel.

Planet of the Apes marathon. For having the balls to schedule it.

Meet the Press. Paul Biongiorno.

H20, Lightning Point and a network commitment to Children’s Drama.

And there we have it. Any others you care to add?

Of course this doesn’t mean I don’t heart Seven, Nine, ABC, SBS and Foxtel too …….News flash: I heart Television.

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  1. In the 80s and 90s (my 20s and 30s) Ten was always first choice. I was in their key demographic and just about everything Ten programmed I liked. I missed most of the 00s as I was overseas. Since returning in 2008, Ten is still my first choice as I approach my 50s. Anything I want to watch from the others gets recorded. If Ten continue to embrace bringing us great Australian content that doesn’t fit a mould, as 7 & 9 do, they will continue to deliver. Plus, Ten program buyers have consistently through the decades brought me the overseas shows that appeal to me.

    The comment about them being a victim of their own demographic is insightful and if Ten read this they should take it away as food for thought. 20 years ago the 18-39 demo only had TV to choose from in the living room. Now it has the world.

    After returning to Australia, I have been surprised at the complete absence of good local comedy/sitcoms.

    Ten, poach Jane Turner and Gina Riley to do something new plus, reintroduce and reinvigorate the sketch show/sitcom genre. It’s missing and needed.

  2. New Girl is under rated by many.I don’t get to see many of them but I watched one or two on an Air New Zealand flight recently and thought it was great.Should go one day and get me a box set.

  3. I will always remember watching Ten Late News and Sandra Sully as the twin Towers literally unfolded before my eyes.
    Ten is a younger network, kudos for always risking ( The Panel), even when it doesn’t work ( Don’t Tell The Bride)…
    As for EDN, have no idea why that was thought to suceed..
    But to the channel that gave me the original YTT, Ray Wilkie and Puberty Blues,hang in there baby.

  4. I think 10 is a victim of its demographic (generally younger folks) who are embracing the new forms of media (Bittorrent, DVD series etc). So yeh, they have picked up some good OS shows, but people like myself and a lot of my friends have already seen the show months or even years before (Homeland, Sons of Anarchy). They need to hold on to their reality slots at 7pm which can’t be torrented/timeshifted and hope that holds their audience to their 8-10pm content.

    Also respect for making shows like Offspring/Puberty Blues which 7 or 9 wouldn’t have the guts or vision to make (too busy making clones of crap shows like Rafters or Underbelly reboots).

    Finally – as the only channel which have embraced full HD sport (via ONE) they should be commended too.

  5. I’ll always heart ten for endless re-runs of the Simpsons, Futurama, the X-Files, American Gothic, Twin Peaks, Seinfeld… In fact, most of the 90’s they were in a-grade form. They were the anti-network tv alternative. Let’s hope they get their mojo back now.

  6. I know this goes back a few years and is not current but I would like to thank TEN for their digital channels establishment and attempting to give the viewer what they would want. Ten put effort in establishing there digital channels but it was at the primary channels expense. TEN HD offered our favourite shows in HD. One HD offered AFL and F1 in HD. Eleven was given Ten programs exclusively. 7 and 9 sat back and could not give a hoot about their digital channels and protected there primary channel. Ten did not! Ten gave it a go! Ten did the right thing by viewers. but not the right thing for it’s revenue.

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