Airdate: Poh’s Kitchen Lends a Hand

Poh Ling Yeow returns to ABC1 next week with a new cooking series that sees her using food to help those less fortunate.

Poh Ling Yeow returns to ABC1 next week with a new cooking series that sees her using food to help those less fortunate, travelling from Australia to Cambodia.

Previously in Poh’s Kitchen, Poh Ling Yeow has enjoyed fame and acclaim cooking with some of Australia’s top chefs and exploring the finest gourmet produce. In her third series Poh brings a compelling and emotion-packed new twist to her culinary journey.

Viewers will be captivated as they see Poh like never before. Out of her comfort zone, she’ll pull up her sleeves and lend a hand to people who are using cooking to help heal, inspire and change lives.

Through incredible human stories and dedicated individuals, Poh comes face to face with dramatic cooking challenges that are a million miles from anything she’s ever done. Travelling both home and abroad her eyes are thrown wide open as she sees for herself how food can help get people’s lives back on track.

In the first episode Poh joins a community program called STREAT, which is giving Melbourne’s homeless youth a chance to come in from the edge of society. By receiving training in street cafés these inspiring young adults are finding their feet and their dignity in life.

Poh will also be creating food for the homeless in her hometown, helping a team of cooks with disability face up to their biggest ever test, visiting a Victorian town where food is helping to heal after devastating bushfires and being a camp cook for troubled teens on an outback adventure. The series concludes with a dramatic and life changing trip to the slums of Cambodia.

Poh’s Kitchen Lends a Hand 8pm Tuesday September 11 on ABC1.

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  1. Well here we go again..food with travel…food with reality aspects.it Just suggests that the shows set in a studio kitchen,and dealing with (god forbid, merely)
    cooking are a threatened species.Can think of only Justine and Good and Bad Chef doing it the old way.I see Huey is back.Is he in his kitchen or travelling around again like last series?

  2. I blanched at the suggestion that Poh would be very much pulled out of her comfort zone…and how? Helping the STREAT program and cooks with disabilities.

    I am very disquieted by the suggestion that either of these two will really challenge who and what Poh is. Btw, are kitchens still set up after the fires?? I know they were set up to assist for months and months after the fires but are they still doing it??

    The true challenge may be in Cambodia. But chefs with a disability and an establish community program – both in Aussie – are pretty safe ground. Unless Poh holds very strong fears in this areas.

    Honestly, even proposing that working with chefs with disabilities will pull her out of her comfort zone is something I find insulting and closed-minded. It may call upon her to adapt etc…but….gee whizz….

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